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  1. Episode 7: Misinformation on the Internet - Untangling the Web

    How did the internet become a tangled web of misinformation? Miles speaks to danah boyd, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, founder of Data & Society, and Visiting Professor at New York University. boyd offers insight into the history of misinformation on the internet and the role social media plays in the proliferation of fake news. It’s an interview we did for our upcoming series on "junk news" for the PBS NewsHour.

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  2. Setting the Record Straight by Going Wayback

    The public web is a fact checker’s dream, but not everything stays up forever. More than just an invaluable contribution to collective memory, the practice of web crawling, indexing and archiving empowers the research and journalism that is ultimately required to speak truth to power.

    Speaker: Mark Graham - Director, the Wayback Machine, The Internet Archive

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  3. Salford and Hackney riots: ‘We don’t want trouble. We want a job’ - audio | UK news |

    Witnesses to the riots in Salford, Greater Manchester, and Hackney, east London, tell Shiv Malik what happened this week and speak of their anger at a lack of job prospects.

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  4. Episode 96— 5th August 2011 » The Pod Delusion - A Podcast about Interesting Things

    • Flying Monsters 3D (1:36) by James O’Malley & Liz Lutgendorff (ft SIR DAVID ATTENBOROUGH)
    • Morrissey’s Comments (12:33) by Tom Williamson
    • Susan Greenfield’s Comments (17:46) by Martin Robbins
    • Madness Gone Politically Correct (23:50) by Philippa Willitts
    • Faith Schools (31:51) by Salim Fadhley (ft Richy Thompson)
    • Richard Dawkins Does Not Exist… And We Can Prove It by Liz & James (ft Charlotte Young & Mark Quinn)
    • Lawrence Leung Wants A Jetpack by Liz & James (ft Lawrence Leung)

    The sketches at the end are by David Lovesy & Brian Two

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  5. The Memory Palace Episode 24: The Moon in the Sun

    The article began by triumphantly listing a series of stunning astronomical breakthroughs that the famous British astronomer, Sir John Herschel, had apparently made "by means of a telescope of vast dimensions and an entirely new principle." Herschel, the article declared, had established a "new theory of cometary phenomena"; he had discovered planets in other solar systems; and he had "solved or corrected nearly every leading problem of mathematical astronomy." Then, almost as if it were an afterthought, the article revealed Herschel’s final, stunning achievement: he had discovered life on the moon!


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  6. The Conversation 2: Don’t Twiddle the Knobs

    Today my guests are Dave Nanian, Adam Keys, Christina Warren, Mike Davidson, and Merlin Mann.

    We discuss Flash, HTML5, and the future of the web, Gowalla, Daringfireballwithcomments – was it legal? was it wrong? was it funny? the newsvine acquisition and NOT selling out or giving up the indy spirit, how to not dupe your readers, technology and kids, comments and giving up control, and how creating an identity on the internet can be both good and evil.


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