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  1. #144 - Chris Hewitt (Empire) on R.E.M. ‘New Adventures in Hi Fi’ — Mr Jeremy Dylan

    Today I’m joined by a journalist of such lethal cunning… Chris Hewitt - news editor for film journal Empire Magazine and host of their massively popular podcast - joins me to talk about an overlooked classic in the catalogue of Georgian alt-rockers REM - 1996′s ‘New Adventures in Hi-Fi’.How does the near death of drummer Bill Berry hang over the atmosphere of the album? How did Michael Stipe’s vocal style evolve from Murmur to this album and beyond? Why does Chris think Ringo Starr is the worst drummer in rock history? What was the REM’s controversial original name? How did the band end up outlasting some of the acts it influenced? and most importantly - which members of the Avengers cast will play REM in the movie that tells the story of their reunion to take down President Donald Trump?

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  2. R.E.M. | Out Of Athens

    By the early nineties R.E.M. found themselves one of the biggest bands on the planet. What they had achieved was beyond their wildest dreams but it had taken them over a decade to get there. This RTÉ Radio One music documentary recorded in Athens, Georgia and North Carolina in the US by Ken Sweeney takes the listener on that journey with R.E.M. out of Athens (Georgia). Without slick videos for the new MTV, or support from mainstream radio, R.E.M. built their following playing an alternative circuit of gigs across America as evangelists for this new music. R.E.M. blazed a trail for every independent band to follow from Nirvana to Pearl Jam.

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