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  1. Really You, Ep 33 - Apocalypticohen

    ~ LEONARD COHEN AND THE APOCALYPSE ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Really You Tribute Episode ~ ~ ~ ~

    Tacoma • Manhattan • War • Avalanche • Darkness • Everybody • Fire • Miracle • Wanted • Future • Treaty • Partisan

    thanks for everything, Len good luck, America


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  2. Interview: Alan Light, Author of ‘The Holy or the Broken’ : NPR

    There are songs, and then there are anthems. Leonard Cohen’s "Hallelujah" is a popular power anthem now, but almost never saw light of day. In his new book, music journalist Alan Light charts the unlikely rise of the song through countless weddings, funerals and in film and television.

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  3. If It Be Your Will

    Leonard Cohen rarely gives personal interviews and he says it has been many years since the last one. But Norwegian radio documentary producer Kari Hesthamar was with him for three days in Autumn 2005. Here we meet an aging Leonard Cohen who looks back on a past where love has been a main theme. He says, ”This life is designed to overthrow you, nobody masters it.” Cohen claims that he hardly remembers anything from his past. He is preoccupied with ”the cordiality of the moment.” Hesthamar tries to make him remember, but at the same time, she is fascinated by Cohen’s ability to be present in the moment. Like this, they meet halfway. He talks about love and his past relationship to his Norwegian sweetheart Marianne and about the journey from his first poems to the melancholic songs that made him world-famous. This piece came to America through the Third Coast International Audio Festival.

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