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  1. BBC Radio 4 - The Untold, Being Bowie

    Laurence Bolwell has been dressing as David Bowie and singing his songs on stage for 18 years. One Monday morning, early in January, he hears the news that his idol has died. That Friday night, he is due on stage with his act in a theatre in Carmarthen. Grace Dent tells the story of Laurence’s week, and finds out what it’s like to be a tribute artist the day your hero dies.

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  2. Sound and Vision

    Simon is away, so Ben welcomes good friend of the show Mr Tom Coates back into the Secret Alley for a full David Bowie remembrance, tribute, celebration show. After a week to get used to the idea, we’ll be digging a little deeper into what made the man just that good. Defining tracks, deep cuts, incredible cover versions, and major inspirations abound.

    A full show of Bowie, covers, collaborations, and chatter.

    We’ve heard a lot of Bowie this week, hopefully we’ll play something you haven’t.— Eclectic Kettle (@BFFKettle) January 20, 2016

    We’ve had a week to think it through so tonight at 8pm @benward & @tomcoates are going to have a good go and honoring the great David Bowie.— Eclectic Kettle (@BFFKettle) January 20, 2016

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  3. Coverville 263: The David Bowie Cover Story

    • Fashion by Berlin
    • Let’s Dance by The Futureheads
    • The Man Who Sold The World by Lulu
    • Changes by Seu Jorge
    • Heroes by Icehouse
    • Ashes To Ashes by Happy Rhodes
    • Golden Years by Essra Mohawk
    • Waterloo Sunset by David Bowie
    • All The Young Dudes by Gene Loves Jezebel featuring Michael Aston
    • Life On Mars by Neil Hannon and Yann Tiersen


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