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  1. Compy 14

    This one’s made up of fourteen stonking tracks from the likes of Let’s Go Outside, Pablo, Thom Yorke, Maximo Park and Fuck Buttons.

    1. Juiceboxxx and Dre Skull: Center Stage 0.00
    2. Let’s Go Outside: Giving You Up 4:23
    3. Maximo Park: Let’s Get Clinical (Clark Remix) 9:15
    4. Darkstar: Aidys Girl’s a Computer 12:41
    5. Pablo: Act of Persuasion 17:37
    6. Pablo: The Story Of Sampling 21:02
    7. Rob: Femme et Enfant (feat. Sebastien Tellier) 25:25
    8. Thom Yorke: Skip Divided (Modeselektor Remix) 31:14
    9. Bat For Lashes: Pearls Dream (Skream’s Pour Another Glass of Champers Remix) 36:20
    10. Fuckpony Featuring Chela Simone And Laila Tov: Fall Into Me 42:22
    11. Ou Est Le Swimming Pool: Dance The Way I Feel 47:32
    12. Matias Aguayo: Rollerskate 50:45
    13. agf & Vladislav Delay: Connection 56:54
    14. Fuck Buttons: The Lisbon Maru 60:49

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  2. Bat For Lashes

    Brighton, UK based singer/songwriter/keyboardist Natasha Kahn (aka Bat For Lashes) graces the KEXP studio with a beautifully spacious stripped-down set featuring songs from her sophomore release "Two Suns". Recorded on 2009-06-10. 4 Songs:

    1. Glass,
    2. Moon and Moon,
    3. Daniel,
    4. Tahiti.

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