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  1. BBC Radio 4 - Mastertapes, Series 2, Richard Thompson (B-Side)

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    John Wilson continues with his new series in which he talks to leading performers and songwriters about the album that made them or changed them. Recorded in front of a live audience at the BBC's iconic Maida Vale Studios. Each edition includes two episodes, with John initially quizzing the artist about the album in question, and then, in the B-side, the audience puts the questions. Both editions feature exclusive live performances.

    Programme 3, the B-side. Having discussed the making of "Rumor And Sigh", not just his most commercially successful album, but also a high point of his career (in the A-side of the programme, broadcast on Monday 10th June and available online), Richard Thompson responds to questions from the audience. He also performs live versions of some to the tracks from the album as well as classic tracks from his days with Fairport Convention.

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  2. BBC Radio 4 - Mastertapes, Series 2, Richard Thompson (A-Side)

    Rachel Armstrong proposes we should harness the computing power of the natural world to create new sustainable ways of living.

    Four Thought is a series of thought-provoking talks in which speakers air their thinking, in front of a live audience, on the trends, ideas, interests and passions that affect culture and society..

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  3. Richard Thompson (A side) Rumor and Sigh

    John Wilson interviews leading musicians about the creation of an album they feel is one of their most significant of their career.

    John Wilson talks to songwriters and musicians about career defining albums. This week in Mastertapes (A Side) he talks to Richard Thompson about the making of his 1991 album, 'Rumor And Sigh'.

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