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  1. Assistive technology: Where are we going?

    Peter heads to a Microsoft research centre to look at the latest in assistive technology.

    The lives of blind and visually-impaired people are being transformed by technology. But where are the changes heading? Peter White is joined by YouTuber Lucy Edwards as they head to a Microsoft research centre, to get her take on life as a digital native. As a blind person, what does she want from the technology that’s around the corner?

    Microsoft’s "Senior Technology Evangelist" Hector Minto explains his job title - and takes Peter and Lucy through some of the tools of their "Seeing AI" app. He addresses their questions about the current state of technology which is for, and increasingly designed by, the blind and visually impaired.

    We also hear from Saqib Shaikh, who was a driving force behind Microsoft’s approach to technology for the blind and VI and from Dave Williams, who trains people to use assistive technology.

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  2. Chapter 3, Part 2 – The Rise of AOL | Internet History Podcast

    America Online survives the inevitable run-in with Microsoft, only to come out the other side stronger. The company has to endure major PR fiascos and network capacity issues, but eventually sees itself firmly established as one of the major players of the dot com era.

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  3. Chapter 2, Part 2 – Bill Gates “Gets” The Internet | Internet History Podcast

    Microsoft was on top of the world at the dawn of the Internet Era… but like Jack Dawson in Titanic? Microsoft would pivot, and pivot hard, once it realized that the Internet was The Next Big Thing. This episode outlines how younger Microsoft employees agitated for a greater focus on the Internet, and how Bill Gates “got” the Internet religion. Microsoft’s embrace of the Internet is truly one of the greatest acts of agility in corporate history. Windows 95 and Internet Explorer are launched, and the seeds are sewn for the great anti-trust battle to come.

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  4. Chapter 2, Part 1 – Microsoft At The Dawn Of The Internet Era | Internet History Podcast

    Netscape has set the standard and taken the lead. But how long will it last? We take a step backwards in this episode and examine why Microsoft was so dominant at the beginning of the Internet Era. We ask the questions: Did Bill Gates really miss the Internet? And: Was the Information Superhighway and the Internet one and the same thing? And we look back on all the things that were distracting Microsoft at the dawn of the Internet Era.

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  5. Spark 246, CBC Radio

    Are you ready to run your own cloud? Be your own Windows XP tech support? Watch total strangers play video games? Debate whether it’s possible to design things for forever on the internet?

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  6. Andrew Blum with a behind the scenes look at the internet

    This week on Tech Weekly with Aleks Krotoski and Guardian technology editor Charles Arthur discuss profit warnings and dark clouds above the makers of Blackberry phones RIM (Research In Motion) and the announcement of a write down on the value of Microsoft’s online advertising service aQuantive. Also Aleks talks to the author Andrew Blum about his new book Tubes: Behind the Scenes at the Internet which sets out to explain what the internet is made of and why it’s important for us to think about how we purchase access to the web.

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