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  1. KPC 2021 05 16 Podcast

    Our 394th episode, which aired on May 16, 2021, and featured Celtic music played on the mandolin.

    John McGann – Shetland Jumper/Message From Home/Wise Up Grumpy, Upslide Richard Thompson – Jig/Merry Blacksmith, Alone With His Guitar Interview with Marla Fibish Mick Moloney – The West Limerick Medley, Mick Moloney with Eugene O’Donnell Sweeney’s Men – Old Maid in the Garrett, The Legend of Sweeney’s Men Frigg – Terhen, FriggXX Marla Fibish – The High Caul Cap/Ray’s Classic/The Continental, The Bright Hollow Fog John Doyle – Naoise Nolan’s/An Slabhra Noinini, The Path of Stones The Irish Descendants – A Thousand Tall Ships/The Scholar/Miss McCloud’s Reel, Look to the Sea Tim O’Brien – The Lancer’s Jib/Gusty’s Frolics, Two Journeys Gerald Trimble – The Pumpherston/Open the Door to Three/The Judge’s Dilemma, First Flight Shooglenifty – The Pipe Tunes, Venus in Tweeds Marla Fibish – The Bright Hollow Fog, The Bright Hollow Fog

    Original video:
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  2. Aidan Crossey Interview (Mandolin)

    Stiff Little Fingers, punk rock, rebel songs and finding your tribe. Getting your head shard. Good listening makes good music. An Achill Island session and a musical awakening. Losing good friends and finding solace in music. GameStop, countercultures, DIY creativity, Inflammable Material, and of course, The Irish Mandolin… 1-2-3-4!

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  3. Irish music podcast interview with Theresa O’Grady on banjo, tenor guitar and mandolin. — The Blarney Pilgrims Podcast Traditional Irish Music Podcast

    Sunday morning sessions at The Coach and Horses, Finsbury Park; summer road trips to Ireland and back, via relatives’ houses, fleadhs, sessions and the Holyhead ferry; learning to play in Anne Caulfield’s house in Luton; competing and adjudicating; becoming a teacher of music and recording your first album. All that AND Barings Bank. Nick Leeson how are ye!

    You can probably tell from the tape, this was a LOT of fun. Thanks Theresa.

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  4. The Blarney Pilgrims Podcast Episode 56: Luke Plumb - Part 2 (Mandolin and singing)

    ‘The artist is like a blind caterpillar at the end of a leaf reaching out into the darkness.’

    Staring The Reaper Down. Life in music, Shoogelnifty and Sandy Bell’s in Edinburgh. All night sessions in Borneo, Pretty Peggy-O and teaching Andy Irvine bouzouki parts to an audience including…er…Andy Irvine.

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  5. ‎The Mandolins and Beer Podcast: S1E29 - Mandolins and Beer Podcast #29 Marla Fibish on Apple Podcasts

    ‎This week’s guest is Marla Fibish.

    A San Francisco native, Marla is one of the prominent voices of the mandolin in Irish music.

    She brings a deep and distinctive sensibility to the tradition on one of its lesser-heard instruments. She is a dynamic performer and a sought after teacher. Her playing…

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  6. Podcast 211: Tom Ellis (Ellis Mandolins, Precision Pearl, Inc.) | Fretboard Journal

    Austin, Texas-based Tom Ellis is widely considered to be one of the finest mandolin makers working today. On this week’s podcast, we chat with Tom about his unique journey into the world of fretted instruments (from surfboard shaper to luthier) and about the fateful day in 1977 he showed Ricky Skaggs his recently-completed second mandolin. Tom also comically describes the five year period when he gave Bill Collings some shop space in the early ’80s, talks about his workflow and how he employs CNCs to help him out, and tells us about the inlay work he does for other instrument makers via his company Precision Pearl, Inc.

    This episode is brought to you by Lee Valley and Retrofret.

    If you like the FJ Podcast, we hope you’ll leave us a review on Apple Podcasts, iTunes or wherever you stream it.

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  7. Mandolin virtuoso Avi Avital - Conversations - ABC Radio

    Avi is revolutionising the image of traditional folk instrument, the mandolin (R)

    Avi grew up in Be’er Sheva in Israel, where he learned mandolin from a violinist.

    Not until he went to Italy to study at the Cesare Pollini Conservatory of Music in Padua, did he play music written specifically for his instrument.

    Today his style sits somewhere between the traditional mandolin technique he was taught in Italy, and his own.

    Avi now lives in Berlin and performs all over the world, from New York’s Carnegie Hall, to the Forbidden City in Beijing.

    His renditions of Baroque and folk music, in concert and recordings, have been described as ‘electric’, and have seen his acclaim, and touring schedule, grow dramatically.

    In a first for a mandolinist, Avi was nominated for a Best Instrumental Soloist Grammy in 2010.

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