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  1. Rita Farrell Interview (Uilleann pipes, flute)

    So much in here: piping as meditation and not setting fire to the old Ganley flute. Starting on the whistle but falling for the pipes despite the danger. The eternal conversation: reeds, drones and regulators. The session spaces of Belfast, open piping closed piping, Tommy Reck and saying ‘I Love You’ to Liam O’Flynn. Being a girl and running an all female session. A room tuned to G Minor, the Drogheda connection, the five string banjo and ‘Lovely Leitrim.’ Oh. And Robbie Williams and Graham Norton too. Bish Bash Bosh. What a treat.

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  2. 53: How to Design Non-Sh**t Conferences with Andy Budd

    Jonathan interviews Andy Budd, co-founder of Clearleft and the man behind popular design conferences like UX London and Leading Design. Jonathan asks lots of questions and but doesn’t even get close to asking everything he wants to ask. Some of the topics Jonathan and Andy touch on:

    How Andy is pathological! It’s true! 👻

    What are conferences for? Spoiler: it’s not education! 🤔

    How to connect with people at conferences? 🤚🏻

    How does Andy balance watching over 500 conference talks a year with running Clearleft? 🤯

    Managing cashflow when running an agency. 🤑

    How to agency? 🧐

    Lastly they talk about selling out, because, spoiler, Jonathan is thinking of SELLING OFF AJ&SMART! WHAAAT! Yeah, no, just kidding. 😌

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  3. Interact London 2015: Ben Scott-Robinson

    Designing change:­ How OS is learning to love the customer

    In the old world, the maps of Ordnance Survey were a work of art, patiently learnt by avid users. Now, impatient users expect products to be immediately intuitive. Changing to a user centred world means changing the way OS creates its products. It means changing the way the company works.

    Find out how a British institution is adapting to design thinking, and learning to love its customers.

    Original video:
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  4. London IA Podcast with Cennydd Bowles

    In the latest London IA Podcast we host a wide-ranging conversation with Cennydd Bowles on moving from user experience design to digital product designer, what it takes to develop visual design skills, freelancing, A List Apart, writing a book, conference speaking and of course that legendary animal of European folklore.

    Hosted by Matthew Solle and Andrew Travers. Produced by Will Myddelton and Matthew Solle.

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  5. Salford and Hackney riots: ‘We don’t want trouble. We want a job’ - audio | UK news |

    Witnesses to the riots in Salford, Greater Manchester, and Hackney, east London, tell Shiv Malik what happened this week and speak of their anger at a lack of job prospects.

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  6. BBC Outriders — Looking at ourselves

    Anniemole is the London Underground Tube Diary blogger and Sam Mullens is the director of the London Transport Museum, we met at the Sense and the City exhibition at the museum to talk about how the gadget in your pocket could play a big part in the future of how you get around. Interestingly the exhibition not only promises a hack-day soon, it also provides some beautiful visualisations of how we get around the city.

    Nathan Yau is a statistics Phd Student who has written a book called "Visualize This". It’s a great guide for those who may be interested in creating their own visualisations but are not sure where to start.

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  7. UX in the UK: Gerry Gaffney interviews Andy Budd | Information & Design

    My guest today has a finger in many pies. He’s a user experience designer, many people will be familiar with his gorilla, the iconic photograph that appears on the usability testing application Silverback, which runs on Mac computers.

    He’s managing director at Clearleft Limited, a user experience company based in Brighton, England. He organises the UX London Conference which is forthcoming shortly and the dConstruct Conference.

    Andy Budd, welcome to the User Experience podcast.

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  8. Phonogram Takeover, Vol. 1

    It started out as a miserable morning – what with all the rain – but it was soon brightened by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie who joined us to talk on Phonogram and the tunes behind the making of the comic.

    Described most simply as a modern dark-fantasy comic, Phonogram follows a social group of spiteful pop-obsessive magicians called Phonomancers, who channel and exploit their magic to achieve their desires. Intrigued?


    1. Hummer – Foals
    2. Me And The Major – Belle & Sebastian
    3. Life Being What It Is – Kaki King
    4. Cowboy – Kenickie
    5. Live It Out – Metric
    6. Gospel 2000 – Make-up
    7. Mamma Used To Say – Jupiter
    8. Band Of Gold – The Afghan Whigs
    9. Ways To Make It Though The Wall – Los Campesinos!
    10. Fighting In Built Up Areas – Ladytron


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  9. London Symphony Orchestra: Maurice Murphy

    The LSO’s Principal Trumpet for 30 years, Maurice Murphy, retired from the orchestra in June 2007 – truly the end of an era. Maurice is one of the best known, most admired and loved trumpeters in the world. In this exclusive programme, Tommy Pearson takes an affectionate journey through Maurice’s career, talks to many of his colleagues and friends and hears some of his greatest moments as a player.

    Composer John Williams talks about the first Star Wars sessions – Maurice’s first notes as principal in the LSO – and how he subsequently wrote with Maurice in mind for Superman, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter; Michael Tilson Thomas recalls the power of a Maurice Mahler 5; Co-Principal Rod Franks talks about his 43 year friendship with Maurice; many other colleagues, including Gerry Ruddock, Nigel Gomm, Patrick Harrild and Gerald Newson contribute their own memories; and we also hear from Maurice’s family – his son Martin and wife Shirley.

    But at the centre of the programme is an interview with Maurice himself, as he looks back on an extraordinary career from boy wonder in brass bands, losing out to a Pearly King in Opportunity Knocks, becoming principal cornet in Black Dyke, moving into classical music with the BBC Northern, and landing the LSO job. We also hear speeches and tributes recorded at Maurice’s LSO retirement party in June.

    It is the portrait of a legend; but one who remains modest and humble. “I’m just another trumpeter who’s been very lucky” he says. No-one believes that for a moment.

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