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  1. The Rissington Podcast: Episode 22 – It’s bulb time!

    Attempts to improve the audio this time but still a few plosives in places. Pop!

    It’s all the usual gubbings: Housekeeping; Font of the Week; UX Technique of the Week and of course Listener Questions. If we didn’t answer yours this time, we’ll probably get to it next time.

    Happy listening and remember, send us your questions.

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  2. The Rissington Podcast: Episode 21 - Housekeeping & warming up after a 10 year break

    About this Episode

    10 years of housekeeping is discussed, whilst John OK fails to concentrate on anything but the recording process and practicing his heavy breathing routine. Fortunately Mr. Hicks holds it all together, consummate professional that he is. That is right until the end when Jon (short for Jonathan) makes a revelation that will rock the design industry to its very core. Clickbait? You betcha!

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  3. Jon Hicks – The Elastic Brand

    This week’s guest is the doyen of design Jon Hicks.

    In this episode we discuss:

    The limitations of a logo

    How no one really cares about your logo

    Not letting the designer ego take over

    Jon’s processes

    Digital Brand Design – did Liz invent it (she wishes) and what does it mean

    Responsive logo design

    Digital first approach to logo design

    Jon’s latest project iHasco

    Comedies we love

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  4. ‘House of Fools’ with Paul Boag and Jon Hicks | Unfinished Business

    Back for episode 103 of Unfinished Business is my favourite comedy duo, ‘Pipe and Pyjamas,’ Paul Boag and Jon Hicks.

    We had a list of things that we weren’t allowed to talk about, a list that was surprisingly topped by Dr. Who, food and bicycles. Instead we discuss about Paul’s green screen, his motorhome and why he left Headscape, the company he founded thirteen years ago. We end up talking about how we’re redefining our places in the web industry as the three of us get older.

    In the after-show segment (for non-boring people,) we talk about Vic and Bob’s ‘House of Fools’ and as we weren’t allowed to talk about Dr. Who, we discuss Dr. Who Lego instead. No one should complain about that.

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  5. Craft, Parenting and Cheese with Jon Hicks – Episode 29 « Creatiplicity

    I’ve been reading the journal of Jon Hicks for about seven years, so it was an absolute pleasure to have him join for an episode. We talked design, parenting, co-working and cheese. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

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