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  1. The Rissington Podcast: Episode 23 - If you see someone without a smile

    Two days, two dinners and two locations later, this time we cover design systems, UX science, Gregg’s sausage rolls, the future of the web and biscuits.

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  2. The Rissington Podcast: Episode 22 – It’s bulb time!

    Attempts to improve the audio this time but still a few plosives in places. Pop!

    It’s all the usual gubbings: Housekeeping; Font of the Week; UX Technique of the Week and of course Listener Questions. If we didn’t answer yours this time, we’ll probably get to it next time.

    Happy listening and remember, send us your questions.

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  3. The Rissington Podcast: Episode 21 - Housekeeping & warming up after a 10 year break

    About this Episode

    10 years of housekeeping is discussed, whilst John OK fails to concentrate on anything but the recording process and practicing his heavy breathing routine. Fortunately Mr. Hicks holds it all together, consummate professional that he is. That is right until the end when Jon (short for Jonathan) makes a revelation that will rock the design industry to its very core. Clickbait? You betcha!

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  4. Rissington on BBC

    Those spiffing chappies from Rissington, John Oxton and Jon Hicks, have a chat with the BBC about their podcast.

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