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  1. Episode 1: Unapologetic Women – No, You Go

    It’s the very first episode of No, You Go! Jenn, Katel, and Sara get together to talk about the itch to get out of a professional rut and start something new—whether that’s changing jobs, launching a company, building a side gig, or maybe even…idk….starting a podcast?

    Fuck it, let’s just do it. Let’s be unapologetic women asking to do work, and to be paid fairly for it. —Becca Gurney, co-founder, Design Choice

    Read on for more of what we covered, and read the full transcript for all the, like, verbatim quotes, you know?

    First, we tell the story of how No, You Go got started:

    • Sara has an idea, but forgets that Austin Kleon already wrote a book called Show Your Work and narrowly avoids totally ripping him off.
    • Jenn shares what it’s like to trade a thousand side projects for some stability—and, oh yeah, one super-cool baby.
    • Katel opens up about how working at home alone can get, well, lonely—and asks us to join her “awesome after-school kickass club.”
    • We all fully embrace the athleisure lifestyle.

    Next, we kick off the show—and 2018—by hearing how four women who made big changes last year knew it was time for something new:

    • Becca Gurney, co-founder of Design Choice, tells us how the pay gap in the AIGA Design Census plus the 2016 election turned her from freelance designer to outspoken advocate for equality in design.
    • Jenn Schiffer, community engineer for Fog Creek’s Glitch platform, shares how fear kept her stuck in a rut and not doing her best work—until an opportunity to build community for other engineers brought her life back.
    • Lara Hogan, co-founder of Where With All, describes how meeting her now-business-partner led her away from managing engineering teams and toward building a consulting business.
    • Mina Markham, senior front-end architect at Slack (and creator of the famed Pantsuit design system used by the Hillary Clinton campaign), describes trusting her gut to guide her through three new jobs and three cross-country moves in just three years.

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  2. A UI20 Podcast with Jenn Lukas – Developing a Living Style Guide with CSS

    The notion of being a “designer who can code” has been a prevalent topic in recent years. Delivering static PDFs and working in photoshop is seen as inefficient in some circles. Being able to create a clickable or even responsive mockup to present to developers and stakeholders can be a better way to show your intent. It’s also much easier to iterate by changing a few lines of code. One of the greatest benefits of using CSS is speaking the same language as your developers. Jenn Lukas takes it a step further. She shares the example of using a unitless line-height. Instead of looking at it in terms of pixels or em values, view it as a multiplier. This allows you to keep a coherent size across multiple devices and screens. Having this common language aids in creating a more collaborative feel to conversations with developers versus dictating to them what to do. Designers don’t even necessarily need to know the whole gamut of CSS in order to design this way. Being able to use just enough code to create an interface element that not only shows how it should look and work but actually displays it in action is a powerful communication tool. Additionally, you create this living style guide that more closely resembles what the actual finished product will look like and how it will behave.

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  3. Ladies In Tech with Jenn Lukas

    Jenn Lukas drops by to talk about her initiative, Ladies in Tech. We discuss her first speaking experiences, what prompted her to begin Ladies in Tech, gender disparity in our industry and what we think could be done about it. We also discuss her addiction to Tumblr, how to decide the best CMS for a project, and latest updates from CMSes we’re following!

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  4. Episode #37 — Jenn Lukas Can Dance On Command, The Quickening : Pixel Recess

    Ready yourself for the dance-tronic spectacular of today’s guest — “tear-off” clothing connoisseur, conference speaker dance specialist, future President of the Fantasy Football Fail League and writer of Game Of Thrones meme network bloglr tumblesite Sex-Hobbit, oh, and also a front-end mechanic of Acme CSS, Jenn Lukas. When Jenn (with a hard “n”) isn’t contemplating the cries of John Snow, you can find her writing things and spontaneously reading books out loud.

    Please rate and review this podcast on iTunes and vote for it as the Best New Podcast on the Net Awards. Please don’t make me create thousands of alias email accounts to make my dream of superfluous internet stardom (and subsequent celebrity mental breakdown) a reality.

    Today’s show is NOT sponsored by George R.R. Martin or The City Of Philadelphia.    Superiority Level:14.69

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