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  1. David Chang | Heritage Radio Network

    Momofuku’s umami king, David Chang, is constantly questioning the institution of taste, and always aiming to progress in the culinary world. This week on Taste Matters, Mitchell Davis invites David into the studio to talk about his expanding restaurant empire, neglected flavors, and agriculture. Though David’s food is often described as bold, hear how David uses the subtlety of Japanese cuisine in his cooking. Find out why contemporary diners are obsessed with the idea of umami, and how David brought kimchi into the food vernacular. How do palates differ internationally? With restaurants in Australia, Canada, and beyond, David has learned the minute differences between the dining public’s tastes. Learn about Japan’s rich farming traditions, and hear how the Internet has been detrimental to food culture. You don’t want to miss this week’s edition of Taste Matters! Thanks to our sponsor, Fairway Market. Today’s break music has been provided by Jack Inslee.

    ‘Everything is fusion, and there are only two types of cuisine- good food and bad food. And we’re striving for the former.’ [4:05]

    ‘Taste matters not just in fine dining, but everywhere.’ [5:00]

    ‘If your goal is to stay the same, then you’re going to regress… Our goal is to reach a goal that we are never going to reach.’ [15:00]

    ‘The Japanese have been farming for thousands of years… They have a culture and history of food that we can’t even imagine.’ [21:20]

    — David Chang on Taste Matters

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  2. Here’s how a kid from Long Island became a king of Japanese ramen | Public Radio International

    Living in Japan, Ivan Orkin started eating ramen — lots of it. But when he moved back to New York in the 90s, he says, "I just yearned for ramen. It just became this crazy thing where I was jonesing for ramen all the time." So when he returned to Japan, he opened a ramen joint — and impressed a Japanese food critic.

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  3. In Japan, Mobile Startups Take Gaming To Next Level : NPR

    An estimated one out of every three Japanese are signed up to play games on their cell phones, helping to grow a mobile gaming juggernaut that’s currently dominated by a few Japanese startups. Now, those same startups are eyeing a new playing field — the U.S.

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