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  1. Back down to Earth

    Since November 2000, humans have been living in space on the International Space Station (ISS). Although the ISS is a remarkable engineering achievement, human space exploration has proven dangerous and costly. There is no air, gravity or food, and water has to be recycled from sweat, stale breath and urine. As we return to the Moon and aim for Mars, some argue that space colonisation is also immoral, psychologically and socially damaging and unnecessarily expensive. Beatriz De La Pava talks to astronauts, anthropologists, scientists, doctors and philosophers to investigate if it is time to abandon the dream of human space travel and come back down to Earth.

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  2. How the telegraph and the lightbulb can teach us to think critically about future inventions | CBC Radio

    In her new book, The Alchemy of Us: How Humans and Matter Transformed One Another, materials scientist and author Ainissa Ramirez chronicles eight life-changing inventions, and the inventors behind them.

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  3. The Rissington Podcast: Episode 22 – It’s bulb time!

    Attempts to improve the audio this time but still a few plosives in places. Pop!

    It’s all the usual gubbings: Housekeeping; Font of the Week; UX Technique of the Week and of course Listener Questions. If we didn’t answer yours this time, we’ll probably get to it next time.

    Happy listening and remember, send us your questions.

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  4. The Rissington Podcast: Episode 21 - Housekeeping & warming up after a 10 year break

    About this Episode

    10 years of housekeeping is discussed, whilst John OK fails to concentrate on anything but the recording process and practicing his heavy breathing routine. Fortunately Mr. Hicks holds it all together, consummate professional that he is. That is right until the end when Jon (short for Jonathan) makes a revelation that will rock the design industry to its very core. Clickbait? You betcha!

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  5. Poppy Northcutt, First Woman in Mission Control! - Offworld Episode 24

    We’re thrilled this week to be joined by Frances ‘Poppy’ Northcutt, who was a NASA Return-to-Earth Specialist during the Apollo missions and the first woman to work inside Mission Control! We talk about her experience as an engineer during Apollo, how the public remembers that era, and how media covered the moon landing.

    Thanks so much to Poppy Northcutt for joining us this week! You can watch APOLLO: Missions to the Moon on National Geographic on July 7th!

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