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  1. Spark 109: Extreme crowdsourcing, the slow web, and motivation 3.0

    • Joanne McNeil of Tomorrow Museum explains her take on the iPad’s lack of multitasking
    • Apple announces multtiasking in iPhone OS 4
    • Nora mentions the Spark slow web toolkit and her full interview with Jeff MacIntyre
    • Tom Lucier‘s social media baby moratorium
    • Swiss Miss Tina Roth Eisenberg tries some extreme crowdsourcing (full interview)
    • Mayor Nicolai Wammen considers changing the name of Århus, Denmark, to Aarhus, Denmark
    • CBC Radio 3‘s Grant Lawrence uses to ask, “What’s wrong with me?”
    • Daniel Pink on motivation 3.0
    • Daniel’s book is Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

    Music and sound effects used in this episode:

    • Countdown by Corsica_S “oneSidedConversation” by airtone
    • “Slow Down” (1941) by King Cole Trio
    • “Humming” by fLako Music from “Music for Underwater Listening” by Podington Bear
    • “I’ll Never Fail You” (1938) by Teddy Wilson And His Orchestra
    • “Backed Vibes (clean)” by Kevin MacLeod

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  2. Closing Keynote: Beyond the Mobile Gold Rush

    The rise of smart devices like the iPhone and iPad has led to an application goldrush, with companies racing to stake their claim. In the early days we saw a few lucky pioneers strike gold, but like most gold rushes, the obvious targets were quickly depleted. Digital prospectors lured by the promise of gold are now arriving to find a very different market—one rife with competition and few obvious deposits to mine.

    Recent studies have shown that we tend to limit our usage to a few core applications and the bulk of apps never even get opened. So despite newspapers and magazines hailing the iPad as the saviour of the publishing industry, does it really make business sense to jump on the application bandwagon? If not, what are the alternatives?

    In this keynote, Andy Budd will look at the current state of the mobile web, how we got here and where we go next. He will explore the new opportunities that have opened up for the field of user experience design, but will caution that not every mobile experience needs to start with an app.

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  3. The Context for 2011.03.07 | iPad2, Web vs. Native, Why animation matters in mobile design, & more on Vimeo

    The Context is a show by pinch/zoom that covers mobile and the craft of kick-ass experiences. For 2011.03.07 we cover: - iPad2 - Web vs. Native - Device fragmentation - Why animation matters in mobile design - Apple’s revenue model with carriers

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  4. App-etizing: Cookbooks And Recipes Go Mobile : NPR

    If there’s one kind of book that you’d think might be safe from the digital revolution it’s the cookbook.

    It’s hard to imagine how the Web could replicate a cookbook’s well-organized recipes or enticing illustrations — and, of course, a book doesn’t freeze or short out after a cooking accident. And cookbooks make the perfect gift for the foodie on anyone’s list, which is why they’re a mainstay of publishing at this time of year.

    But though the traditional cookbook is alive and well, a number of tech-savvy cooks believe that e-books and iPad apps are a boon for the industry — and could provide cooks with more creative and convenient ways to find the right recipes.

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  5. Tech Weekly: the iPad launch

    Join Aleks Krotoski, Jemima Kiss and Charles Arthur as they dig into the implications of the new Apple iPad, released last Friday, and already a huge market success. The machine, which has sold more than 2m units in 60 days, hasn’t yet found its killer app, but Jemima – who has one – and Charles – who doesn’t want one – predict it will transform the technological landscape.

    But don’t just take their word for it. Web user interaction expert Jakob Nielsen describes why in an interview with Jack Schofield. He also defines what developers need to know when designing portable touchscreen interfaces.

    And the numbers have it too: Apple beat Microsoft for the biggest technology company in the world. Charles tells the story behind the numbers, and explains why, in the future, Apple will remain top gun.

    The team also tackles the first real outcome of the controversial Digital Economy Act. Communications regulator Ofcom has published first draft of its proposed code of actions for copyright infringers. The three-strikes system is up for debate in the consultation that lasts until 30 July.

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  6. Luke Wroblewski, The Want Interview

    Our talk with the former Chief Design Architect at Yahoo! covers his new book, Web Form Design, and includes advice on how to explain the importance of web form design to the folks in the corner offices. We talk about the digitization of objects and how removing obstacles makes a product more desirable.

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  7. Marco Arment on the iPad

    Marco Arment is “the guy who does everything for Instapaper.” Marco talks about the very practical and personal, origins of Instapaper, arguably one of the most useful apps for the Mac, the iPhone, and yes, very soon, the iPad. Marco reveals his unusual method of beta-testing, explains why graphics aren’t included in Instapaper-processed articles, and what drove his feature set and pricing decisions for the two versions of the program. He also discusses his iPad expectations, and why he thinks it will be important to have an iPad-native version of Instapaper available as soon as possible.


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