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  1. Responsive Day Out 3: Jason Grigsby

    Jason Grigsby speaking at the third Responsive Day Out in Brighton on June 19th.

    The Responsive Day Out is an affordable, enjoyable gathering of UK designers and developers sharing their workflow strategies, techniques, and experiences with responsive web design.

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  2. Implementing Responsive Images with Jason Grigsby | The Web Ahead

    It’s time to start using responsive images on our websites. You specify multiple files in your image HTML. Browsers download the best one for a user’s screen size or context. Improve image quality. Save bandwidth. Make sites load faster. Jason Grigsby joins Jen Simmons to explain all the details.

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  3. Jason Grigsby – Real World Responsive Web Design » UIE Brain Sparks

    Media queries shape and form a web page to display on multiple screen sizes. That’s the core of responsive web design. Users can maintain the same level of experience that they get on the desktop even when they switch to a smaller device. The theory of responsive web design is great, but it’s not a silver bullet. When real world constraints and use cases arise it makes responsive design a bit trickier.

    One of the biggest issues that arises is page weight. As Jason Grigsby has said, “we’ve remade the Internet in our own image, which, in the United States, is obese.” Having traditionally relied on the connectivity that ethernet on desktop computers provides, you could sneak by with these bulked up pages. Once you try to send these large pages through the tiny pipes to the tinier screens, page load becomes a major issue for mobile users.

    Performance improvements can be made across the spectrum of design and development. The way responsive design is implemented fundamentally changes traditional design and development practices. Since you can’t comp or wireframe every breakpoint, it causes designers and developers to work more closely together. Even working in tandem in some instances to test and evaluate how the design will adapt as it’s resized.

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  4. Responsive Design Podcast Episode 13: Mat Marquis & Responsive Images

    This week we’re super lucky to be joined by Mat Marquis, chair of the Responsive Images Community Group, staffer on A List Apart and much more. Mat has been pushing for a solution to responsive images for ever and finally we’re almost at the point at which we can say we have a solution .I asked the social world if anyone had any questions about responsive images for Mat and there was no shortage of responses. I’m not entirely sure all of them are actually serious, but they were asked so they’ll be asked

    Details Author: Justin Avery Published: 01 May 2014

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  5. The Big Web Show 112: Responsive Images Get Real

    Mat Marquis, chair of the W3C Responsive Images Community Group, sits down with Zeldman to discuss guidelines for responsive images in multi-device design. The two web designers discuss the history, theory, and multi-leveled challenge of responsive images, the path to standardization, and what browsers will do next.

    The goal of a “responsive images” solution is to deliver images optimized for the end user’s context, rather than serving the largest potentially necessary image to everyone. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been quite so simple in practice as it is in theory.

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  6. The Web Ahead #25: Responsive Images with Mat Marquis

    What’s the best way to handle responsive images? There’s been a lot of discussion flying around over the last many months, big debates and fast changes… where have we landed? What’s coming in the future? Responsive Images Community Group chair Mat Marquis joins Jen Simmons to sort it all out.

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  7. SitePoint Podcast #168: Secret Src with Jeremy Keith

    Episode 168 of The SitePoint Podcast is now available! This week our regular interview host Louis Simoneau (@rssaddict) interviews Jeremy Keith (@adactio) who now works at ClearLeft to talk about the developments in the Responsive Design world, and particularly the ongoing discussions on proposed image element solutions.

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  8. SitePoint Podcast #143: Happy HTML5 Holidays with Bruce Lawson

    This week our regular interview host Louis Simoneau (@rssaddict) interviews Bruce Lawson who is a member of the Web Standards Project’s Accessibility Task Force, works at the Opera team and contributes to HTML5 Doctor.

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