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  1. Stress, canvas, and jam  |  Web  |  Google Developers

    In this episode:

    • Jake and Surma stress about Chrome Dev Summit.
    • Surma fails to go to America.
    • Offscreen canvas.
    • Low latency canvas.
    • Buzzword of the month: Jam stack.
    • "When is it good to not be jam".
    • A man left £2 on a train.
    • Radio alphabets.
    • And also radio alphabets.

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  2. I/O chat with Monica Dinculescu  |  Web  |  Google Developers

    Informative mouth-words.

    In this episode we chat to Monica Dinculescu, who works on Chrome. We cover:

    The PWA starter kit. Using Redux outside of React. lit-element. The status of custom elements across browsers. HTML imports vs modules. When to use shadow DOM. CSS ::part and ::theme. What CSS working groups are like. Working on the emoji subcommittee. Dinosaurs vs sharks. 👯‍♂️. Also check out Monica’s I/O talk, building fast, scalable, modern apps with Web Components.

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  3. 196: Crossover with HTTP 203 - ShopTalk

    We’re joined by Jack Archibald and Paul Lewis from the HTTP 203 Show to chat about service workers, frameworks, and too much work to build the web. We also discuss a moratorium on web features, and get to the bottom of what’s up with American bathrooms.

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