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  1. #229 - Tristen on Kate Bush ‘Hounds of Love’, opinions on opinions, Ryan Gosling and more — Mr Jeremy Dylan

    Year five of My Favorite Album kicks off with one of Nashville’s sharpest singer-songwriters, Tristen, talking Kate Bush’s seminal classic ‘Hounds of Love’.It’s a cut and thrust, back and forth full opinions - opinions on Kate Bush, the importance (or lack thereof) of drummers, the dueling metaphors underlying the album, the vapidness of contemporary music culture, post-tour depression, why unsolicited advice is poison, how sexually magnetic is Ryan Gosling anyway, why she longs to be where Kate Bush was when she made this album and some opinions about opinions.

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  2. #183 - Owen Rabbit on Kate Bush ‘Hounds of Love’ — Mr Jeremy Dylan

    Australian electro-pop singer-songwriter/producer Owen Rabbit joins me to explore the link between Kate Bush’s classic ‘Hounds of Love’ and modern electronic music, why some classic rock fans see elaborate or constructed pop as less sincere than acoustic singer-songwriter music, the studio Bush built to make the album and the freedom of recording outside of expensive recording studios, and the best modern Kate Bush covers.

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  3. #16 - Anita Lester on Kate Bush ‘Hounds of Love’ — Mr Jeremy Dylan

    “Religion is sticky” - Anita Lester, 2014

    On the sixteenth episode of My Favorite Album, ghost pop singer-songwriter Anita Lester (AKA Lester the Fierce) comes by to talk about the weird, wild and wonderful Kate Bush and her seminal 1985 album Hounds of Love.Along the way, they break down classic track Running Up That Hill and the Ninth Wave song cycle and talk about whether this album could be made in the age of shuffle, authenticity vs. sincerity, Bush’s cultural musical roots and how someone turns out when they’re raised on Kate Bush records.

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