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  1. CSS Grid, React Suspense and AirPod page weight frustrations - Fish and Scripts - A webby podcast

    Today’s episode features a grumpy Phil who bemoans the page weight of Apple’s AirPod Pro marketing site and we chat about how the web is impacted by leading companies creating pages like this. We chat about URLs and how much users care about them before moving onto Jack’s first time properly diving into CSS Grid - where we get stuck understanding margins and padding - and talk about React Suspense and how the surface area of what React is offering is getting larger and more complex…

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  2. ‘One Giant Leap’ Explores The Herculean Effort Behind The 1969 Moon Landing

    In 1961, when President John F. Kennedy announced a goal of "landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth" before the end of the decade, the mission seemed all but impossible.

    "[The U.S.] didn’t have a spaceship that could fly to the moon," journalist Charles Fishman notes. "We didn’t have a rocket that could launch to the moon. We didn’t have a computer small enough or powerful enough to do the navigation necessary to get people to the moon. We didn’t have space food."

    There was even some disagreement about whether human beings would be able to think in zero gravity.

    Nevertheless, the race to the moon was on — especially after the Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human to orbit Earth, on April 12, 1961. Fishman’s new book, One Giant Leap, tells the story of the ordinary people who mobilized behind the Apollo program to pull off the most extraordinary human achievement: the July 20, 1969, moon landing.

    Fishman notes that 410,000 men and women at some 20,000 different companies contributed to the effort. They designed, built and tested the spacecraft and equipment the astronauts used — often working by hand.

    "It was an enormous undertaking," he says. "It’s 10 times the effort to build the Panama Canal. Three times the size of the Manhattan Project. … Apollo was the biggest nonmilitary effort in the history of human civilization."

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  3. Owltastic’s Meagan Fisher on adapting to the modern landscape of web design | Overtime Design Podcast by Dribbble

    Owltastic’s Meagan Fisher joins us on this episode of Overtime to share her insights on all things web design and how the field has evolved over years. Meagan shares her thoughts on what it means to be a web designer now vs. a decade ago and also tells us about how her own process has changed over the years. She’ll also share how the backbone of her career involved learning how to code and why she encourages today’s newer generation of designers to learn the skill.

    Meagan also shares some unconventional ways you can conduct user research when you don’t have the budget for it. You won’t want to miss it!

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  4. Hooked on Bycatch: Seafood You Should Be Eating - SXSW Interactive/Film 2016

    Wherever there is fishing, there is bycatch—the incidental capture of non-target species, and some chefs/fishmongers are working hard to promote the "trash fish" on menus, both for the good of our planet and our taste buds. Yet while most educated diners want to order "sustainable seafood," if faced with choosing between a responsibly harvested salmon and a fish they’ve never heard of (can I interest you in a beautiful Ribbonfish this evening?), diners often rely on what they know and love. Who is successfully making bycatch a part of their everyday menu? What are they serving (and why), and how can we promote this movement nationwide? This is the next generation of nose-to-tail cooking.

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  5. From the Archives: The Story Behind the ‘World’s Most Famous Atheist’ Richard Dawkins: Forum

    British zoologist Richard Dawkins turned evolutionary theory on its head when he published his book, ‘The Selfish Gene,’ in 1976. His recently released autobiography, ‘An Appetite for Wonder,’ sheds light on the first 35 years of Dawkins’ life, from his birth in Kenya, to his fascination with science at Oxford, to the origin of his gene-centered view about natural selection. He joins us in the studio.

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  6. Mike Scott & Steve Wickham of The Waterboys (B side)

    John Wilson interviews leading musicians about the creation of an album they feel is one of their most significant of their career.

    John Wilson talks to Mike Scott & Steve Wickham about the 1988 Waterboys album, "Fisheman’s Blues". Programme 2 (B-side) and now it’s the turn of the audience to ask the questions.

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