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  1. Mini-Stories: Volume 9 - 99% Invisible

    Back in the 70s, being a film buff involved a lot of patience. A movie would open and then it would play in theaters for a year or so if it was popular. But then you had to wait a long time to see it again. There was no home video, and it could take years for a movie to make its way onto television. But there was one way you could experience your favorite film in the comfort of your living room: through novelizations.

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  2. #28 – AFI Wrap-Up – Settling the Score

    After finishing their task of discussing and reordering the American Film Institute’s Top 25 Scores, Jon and Andy kick back and take stock of what they’ve done. What did they learn? What did they get wrong? How in the world did Andy expect Jon to recognize the clips he chose for his quiz? And, what score will be up next?

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  3. #26 – 2019 Oscars Special – Settling the Score

    Jon and Andy try for their own EGOT – Episode Glutted with Oscar Talk – as they hit the red carpet and present their takes on this year’s nominees for Best Score. The field includes one repeat customer, and four composers making their debuts on the podcast. Who will win? Who should win? Who shouldn’t win? Who’s already won? Who cares?

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  4. #12 – 2018 Oscars Special – Settling the Score

    In this special super-sized episode, Jon and Andy take a break from their countdown of the AFI’s list, and examine the five films and composers nominated for this year’s Best Original Score Oscar. These wide-ranging scores come at the question of what to do with film music from some very different directions. Who will win? Who should win? Join us on the red carpet!

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