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  1. ‘That pig was a good influence’ with Jeremy Keith and Jeffrey Zeldman on Unfinished Business

    Last week was Jeffrey Zeldman’s website’s 20th birthday, so this week he joins me and Jeremy Keith on Unfinished Business 110 to talk about the anniversary. We start by discussing Jeremy’s 100 words for 100 days writing project and how it’s inspired me to change the way that I think about writing on our blog and posting to our portfolio. We talk about the importance of writing for yourself as well as for others and why writing on your own website is important. With it being the twentieth anniversary of Jeffrey’s own site, we also talk about whether it’s important to archive older designs for posterity.

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  2. 28 Mad Max: Fury Road vs. Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior by The Canon

    In celebration of the release of Mad Max: Fury Road, Devin & Amy are pitting The Road Warrior against Fury Road! Is it fair to take the original Mad Max out of the running? Which of the two George Miller classic post-apocalyptic action films will win the prize of being immortalized into the Canon? Will Devin respond to Amy’s texts in the future? Tune in to hear Devin

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  3. Fighting In The War Room — » REVIEW – Mad Max: Fury Road

    It’s a lovely, lovely day for a drive, listeners. This week Katey, Patches and David are joining the War Boys, the Doof Warrior, Immortan Joe, and of course Furiosa in a journey across the wasteland, as we review Mad Max: Fury Road. For those of you convinced David hates every blockbuster, you really might want to give this one a listen.

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  4. Tested - Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road SPOILERCAST - 5/26/2015By Will Smith on May 26, 201532 CommentsTweetThis week, Adam, Norm, and Will discuss Mad Max: Fury Road. Due to popular request, we isolated the non-spoiler part of the conversation up front and note when we shift to discussing potential



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