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  1. Episode 81: Baby Driver with Edgar Wright and Christopher Nolan

    Director Edgar Wright discusses his new film, Baby Driver, with fellow Director Christopher Nolan. The film tells the story of a young getaway driver named Baby who meets the girl of his dream. Hoping to leave his criminal life behind, he is coerced into one last getaway job. But when things go awry, all of his skills will be put to the test if he has any hope of survival.

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  2. Listen to Rian Johnson Interview Christopher Nolan for ‘Interstellar’

    Just after we learned that Interstellar would return to IMAX screens for one showing only this weekend on Saturday afternoon, you can dive back into the sci-fi epic in another way. Last month, Looper and future Star Wars director Rian Johnson hosted an interview with Christopher Nolan following a screening of Interstellar at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica, California. And all the cinephiles out there will be glad to hear that this is a 32-minute discussion between the two filmmakers talking about the inception of the script, technical details of production, and much more. It’s definitely worth listening to in its entirety.

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  3. The MovieByte Podcast #112: Michael Pain

    Our intrepid podcast explorers are on a journey across the vastness of the movie landscape to see what can be deciphered from Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’. Is it "stellar" or not so much? On this once in a lifetime quest, TJ and Joe are joined by none other than former co-host of the show, Chad Hopkins, to see if they can discover the true meaning behind podcasting and wether they might even be able to bend the fabric of space time enough to affect what happened all the way back at the very first podcast. You can also find out in the episode about Johnny Rockets bringing back drive-in theaters, Matt Damon returning to the Bourne franchise, ‘Toy Story 4’ happening in 2017, and the new title for ‘Star Wars VII’.

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  4. /Filmcast Ep. 294 - Interstellar

    David, Devindra, and Jeff discuss Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. Be sure to read an analysis of The Force Awakens, learn what’s wrong with Interstellar nitpicking pieces, read a sobering take on the economics of movie reviews and check out David’s new Youtube page (and his cover of “Time” from Inception). Special guest Matt Singer joins us from ScreenCrush.

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  5. For Christopher Nolan, Making ‘Interstellar’ Was A Childhood Dream : NPR

    "I got to do a lot of things in this film that I’ve been wanting to do since I was a kid," Nolan says. His new movie has explorers traveling through space to find a new home for humanity.

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  6. Interstellar spoilers: two critics review Christopher Nolan’s new movie

    On the Spoiler Special podcast, Slate critics discuss movies, the occasional TV show, and, once in a blue moon, another podcast, in full, spoiler-filled detail. Below, our film critic Dana Stevens talks with Forrest Wickman about Interstellar, Christopher Nolan’s new sci-fi epic. Was Nolan able to balance the intergalactic spectacle with the human drama? Are the characters human enough for us to care? Do we even fully understand what happens at the end of the movie?

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