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  1. The free speech panic: how the right concocted a crisis – podcast | News | The Guardian

    Snowflake students have become the target of a new rightwing crusade. But exaggerated claims of censorship reveal a deeper anxiety at the core of modern conservatism

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  2. Overwhelmed by Code with Susan Robertson «CTRL+CLICK CAST

    The web is fast paced—it’s easy to get overwhelmed by code! Front-end dev Susan Robertson stops by the show to shed some perspective on learning new tech skills, the trap we fall into as developers, and how she evaluates what is actually worth investing time to learn.

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  3. Ladies In Tech with Jenn Lukas

    Jenn Lukas drops by to talk about her initiative, Ladies in Tech. We discuss her first speaking experiences, what prompted her to begin Ladies in Tech, gender disparity in our industry and what we think could be done about it. We also discuss her addiction to Tumblr, how to decide the best CMS for a project, and latest updates from CMSes we’re following!

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  4. Bridging the Gap with Sam Kapila - The East Wing

    The East Wing is a podcast brought to you by Tim Smith, that talks with industry experts about design, solving problems and the keys to creating products with value.

    This week we talk to Sam Kapila. Sam is a Designer and Educator that is on the front lines of teaching web design at a university level. Somehow she manages to stay on top of everything, and provide her students with the most up-to-date information she can.

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  5. 213: Longevity, Integration, Disposal | Spark with Nora Young | CBC Radio

    This week on Spark - What happens to our digital stuff when web services shutdown? We take a look at data longevity online. Also, virtually staging our homes, what to do with e-waste, and integrative thinking in the classroom.

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  6. RSA - The Geek Manifesto: Why science matters

    There has never been a better time to be a geek. What was once an insult used to marginalize the curious has become a badge of honour. People who care about science have stopped apologizing for their interests, and are gaining the political confidence to stand up for them instead.

    Whether we want to improve education or cut crime, to enhance healthcare or generate clean energy, we need the experimental methods of science - the best tool humanity has yet developed for working out what works. Yet from the way we’re governed to the news we’re fed by the media, we’re let down by a lack of understanding and respect for its insights and evidence.

    Leading science communicator Mark Henderson, visits the RSA to explain why and how we need to entrench scientific thinking more deeply into public life. With over a decade of experience as the science correspondent for the Times, Henderson has seen it all, and plans to gather a new agenda-setting movement and turn it into a force our leaders cannot ignore.

    Chair: Alice Bell, senior teaching fellow in science and public policy, Imperial College London.

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  7. At This Camp, Kids Learn To Question Authority (And Hack It) : All Tech Considered : NPR

    DefCon Kids grew out of the largest, most important gathering of computer hackers on the planet. This camp encourages kids to take a hard, skeptical look at the machines that surround them, and teaches them to hack apart everything they can lay their hands on.

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  8.  Mobile Web in Higher Ed | Fresh Squeezed Mobile brought you by Breaking Development

    Fresh Squeezed Mobile is Breaking Development’s channel to get fresh ideas out there about mobile web development and design.

    This week Dave Olsen and Erik Runyon join us to discuss how their respective universities (West Virginia and Notre Dame) are approaching the mobile web through a combination of server-side detection and responsive design. We talk about how they built their new sites, whether user-agent detection is evil and how responsive design gets implemented at a large university.

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  9. The Atlantic Meets The Pacific: Exploring the Future of Gaming and Alternate Realities with Will Wright

    Will Wright, creator of the Sims and the Spore, talks about the future of video games and digital learning in this conversation with Alexis Madrigal of The Atlantic. This program is part of The Atlantic Meets The Pacific, sponsored by the Atlantic and UC San Diego. Series: "The Atlantic Meets The Pacific".

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