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  1. Owltastic’s Meagan Fisher on adapting to the modern landscape of web design | Overtime Design Podcast by Dribbble

    Owltastic’s Meagan Fisher joins us on this episode of Overtime to share her insights on all things web design and how the field has evolved over years. Meagan shares her thoughts on what it means to be a web designer now vs. a decade ago and also tells us about how her own process has changed over the years. She’ll also share how the backbone of her career involved learning how to code and why she encourages today’s newer generation of designers to learn the skill.

    Meagan also shares some unconventional ways you can conduct user research when you don’t have the budget for it. You won’t want to miss it!

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  2. Designing for Everyone, Everywhere with Luke Wrobkewski | Overtime

    Our latest Overtime guest, Luke Wroblewski, is known best for humanizing technology. He’s the author of several web design books, has founded several start-ups that were later acquired, and he’s now the Product Director at Google.

    In this episode, Dan and Luke discuss the key ideas behind his book Mobile First and how that translates to building for devices today, why we should be data-informed not data-driven when it comes to building products, and what he learned from his time creating and building Bagcheck and Polar.

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  3. Presentable #35: Promoting Yourself as a Designer (And the History of Dribbble) - Relay FM

    My old friend Dan Cederholm joins the show. His work at Simplebits was profoundly influential in the early web, but he may be best known as the cofounder of Dribbble. We talk about this history of that community as well as what it’s like to build a reputation as a designer today.

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  4. Dribbble - Show and tell for designers

    Overtime is Dribbble’s audio companion and our first foray into the world of audio. In this interview, Dan speaks with letter, logo, and font designer, Ian Brignell.

    Ian Brignell

    I am a lettering, logo and font designer based in Toronto, Canada. Also, I like to barbeque on my balcony during snowstorms.

    Ian’s impressive client list includes Budweiser, Smirnoff, Harvard, Dove, Hershey’s and many more. We were honored to talk to Ian about his background, his process, tips for designing and lettering, collaboration, and his advice for young designers.

    Dan also asks Ian about a few of his Dribbble shots and the story behind them. Ian shares his process for designing the Coke font and the Budweiser label pictured above. He also told us about his font foundry, IB Type, where he has fonts for purchase. So, not only can you admire Ian’s great work, but you can use it in your next project.

    It was a really great conversation and we’re excited to share it with you. Enjoy!

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  5. Unfinished Business 037: Kangaroo with an AK-47

    Special guest Dan Cederholm joins Andrew Clarke this week to talk about making money by making things, how making great schwag makes a great impression and what happened to Foamee. They discuss why on Dribbble it’s important for business to not get in the way of a great service and with Dan’s new book coming up, they talk about the process of writing and whether second editions are worth it.

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  6. Double Dribbble with a Boston Accent

    Adam Stacoviak is joined by Drew Wilson and Jared Erodu along with special guest Dan Cederholm of Dribbble and Bullet Proof Web Design fame – topics include being disorganized, Kevin Rose and the Milk team get “aqui-hired”, awesome shots on Dribbble, Dan on writing CSS the Sass way, and so much more!

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  7. Episode 29: Responsive Web Design — The ATX Web Show

    On today’s show we recap the fun had at the first-ever Austin Dribbble Meetup. It was a grand ol’ time. We also dig into the relatively new web trend, “Responsive Web Design”. We’ll talk about what it is, our changing thoughts on it, the results of our definitive facebook poll, as well as explain our in-house approach and tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way.

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