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  1. Dead Code: Ghosts Of The Digital Age by Jeff Noon

    Set in the ruins of a housing estate in a futuristic, post-digital age world, where music haunts the streets, Joe and Dixie are struggling with the loss of Charlie. Dixie is doing her best to hold on to Joe, but will she succeed when the force of Charlie’s memory is so strong?

    With original music by Vini Reilly of The Durutti Column, songs by Urban Blue and sound design by Steve Brooke.

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  2. The Flickerman, Episode One

    My name is Cornelius — I suppose I am the Flickerman.

    I call myself that because… because my life has become unhinged. It’s out of joint. No more than that. My life isn’t my own anymore. It’s exploded.

    As I write this I am cold, tired, dirty, scared and confused. My girlfriend is missing, my bestfriend is dead, my ankle is bust, my world has come apart exploded.

    And someone has been recording it all, everything that has happened, taking photos and posting them on the Internet.

    This site is my chance to answer back , to let people know what is happening to me, to help make sense of what has happened to me. I’ve taken the events of those few days and I’m turning them back on themselves… making them into an… entertainment for you… so that I can be heard…

    My reply starts here…

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  3. Rendezvous With Rama — Episode 2

    By Arthur C Clarke, dramatised by Mike Walker.

    What is the secret at the heart of the space object known as Rama and why, years after the event, has Commander William Norton never spoken about what he found there?

    Episode 1:

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  4. Rendezvous With Rama — Episode 1

    Mike Walker’s dramatisation of the novel by Arthur C Clarke, set in the 22nd Century.

    When the mysterious space object known as Rama appears in the solar system, the crew of the SV Endeavour are sent to investigate.

    Episode 2:

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  5. Operation Luna

    Here’s a real blast from the past. It’s an episode of Operation Luna, the first series of Journey Into Space, a classic British science-fiction radio drama first broadcast in 1953:

    This has a particularly poignant appeal to me. It stars my great-uncle Alan Keith:

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