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  1. Smashing Podcast Episode 24 With Cassie Evans: What Is SVG Animation? — Smashing Magazine

    We’re talking about SVG Animation. How can vector images, JavaScript and CSS all work together to provide engaging motion graphics? Drew McLellan talks to SVG expert Cassie Evans to find out.

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  2. SVGs, Magic, and Joy of Whimsy on the Web with Cassie Evans

    Today we’re talking with creative coder Cassie Evans.

    In this episode we talk about something often neglected in web design today: how to bring whimsy and joy to your users

    In our chat we talk about how the old web had entry points to programming and where we might find find that today.

    And open with a story about how she, as a child, sold animated cursors for donuts, which felt like magic - and how even today snippets of code feel like magic spells.

    We loved our conversation with Cassie, and think you will too, let’s dig in!

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  3. CodeNewbie: What is vanilla JS and how can it help you with Chris Ferdinandi

    In this episode, we talk about about vanilla JavaScript with Chris Ferdinandi, author of the Vanilla JS Pocket Guide series, and creator of the Vanilla JS Academy training program. Chris talks about how he went from HR professional to JavaScript expert, the pros of getting rid of all that tooling and learning good old fashion vanilla JS, and why this is relevant, not only from a personal perspective, but from a public safety perspective as well.

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  4. Design Systems Podcast 10. Jeremy Keith: Overcoming Entropy and Turning Chaos Into Order

    Chris and Jeremy Keith discuss imbuing teams with a shared sense of ownership of their design system, creating design systems able to address unforeseen scenarios, design ops as an essential part of an effective design system, and more.

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  5. JSJ 421: Semantic HTML with Bruce Lawson

    Bruce Lawson is an expert in and proponent of semantic HTML. After receiving some good natured ribbing, Bruce walks the panel through the benefits of semantic HTML. He provides several examples on how it’s used and in particular how it helps with other issues like accessibility and navigability on your websites.


    AJ O’Neal

    Aimee Knight

    Charles Max Wood

    Dan Shappir


    Bruce Lawson

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  6. CSS Grid, React Suspense and AirPod page weight frustrations - Fish and Scripts - A webby podcast

    Today’s episode features a grumpy Phil who bemoans the page weight of Apple’s AirPod Pro marketing site and we chat about how the web is impacted by leading companies creating pages like this. We chat about URLs and how much users care about them before moving onto Jack’s first time properly diving into CSS Grid - where we get stuck understanding margins and padding - and talk about React Suspense and how the surface area of what React is offering is getting larger and more complex…

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