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  1. Kelli Anderson: Design Observer

    Artist and designer, Kelli Anderson, is a New Orleans native, who now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Kelli draws, photographs, cuts, prints, codes, and designs a variety of things for herself and others. From interactive paper to layered, experimental websites, everything is done in her studio, which houses a 1919 letterpress! Anderson was the digital collections photographer at the American Museum of Natural History, but stepped down to pursue her own artistic work. She is the recipient of the Ars Electronica Prix Award of Distinction. Kelli also teaches art history at Pratt, where she attended graduate school.

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  2. Khoi Vinh: Observer Media: Design Observer

    Khoi Vinh is a user experience designer, writer and speaker. For five years, he was the design director at, where he led the in-house design team in user experience innovation for digital products of all kinds. For over a decade, he has published his thoughts on design, technology and culture at the widely-read blog He is the author of Ordering Disorder: Grid Principles for Web Design (New Riders), and he has lectured all over the world on design matters. Previously, Khoi was a co-founder of the award-winning New York design studio Behavior, LLC.

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  3. Aaron Draplin: Observer Media: Design Observer

    Aaron Draplin is the force powering Draplin Design Compay in Portland, Oregon. Having made a name for himself with stand-out work for snowboarding companies and their like, he’s now courting more mainstream clients including Coal Headwear, Union Binding Co., Richmond Fontaine, Field Notes, Esquire, Nike, Wired, Timberline, Chunklet, Red Wing, Incase, Giro, Cobra Dogs, Megafaun, Ford Motor Co., Hughes Entertainment, Chuck Prophet, and even the Obama Administration. Born in the Midwest, and a graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art, Draplin has become an important voice in the world of graphic design while maintaining a sense of humor.

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  4. Jason Kottke: Observer Media: Design Observer

    Jason Kottke is a blogger and developer living in NYC. As editor of for the last 14+ years, he’s scoured nearly every corner of the web for juicy links and things for people to read. Jason is also hard at work on Stellar, a web app for tracking and discovering your favorite things online.

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