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  1. Tara Howley Interview (Whistle, concertina and uilleann pipes)

    Kilfenora; the nervous you get playing in front of ten people, worse than playing in front of a thousand. Leaving your ego at the door. Being happy with what you’re doing, being happy within yourself. First hearing the pipes and the trials of competition. Restless creativity, and finding your way to Riverdance. Managing social media and the inner self. (And a Burmese Mountain Dog called Saoirse).

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  2. Pas de Chát: Talking Dance : 147 - Owning My Space as a Black Ballerina (TAKEOVER Hosted by Kiara Felder)

    In a very special episode, Kiara Felder (ballerina with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens) takes over as host of Pas de Chát to talk about her experiences as a black, queer woman in both life and the art form of ballet. Listen as she shares how she came to own her space as a black ballerina and the challenges she has endured to get where she is today.

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  3. 014: The Woman Redefining Possible Through Ballet and Physics- Dr. Merritt Moore - The Impossible Network

    A world-class ballet dancer, a Ph.D. in Quantum Optics, a participant in the BBC Astronaut training series ‘Have You Got What It Takes’, featured in the book ‘Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls’ and listed in Forbes 30 under 30, and all by the age of thirty; these some of the not so small accomplishments in the impossible journey of Dr. Merritt Moore.

    LA born, of a Korean mother and American father, Merritt’s upbringing equipped her with the curiosity, problem-solving skills, and the unconventional mindset to defy conventions that dictate the impossibility of being world class in Ballet and Quantum Physics at the same time

    I hope you enjoy this conversational collision of art and science with Dr. Merritt Moore.

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  4. James Burke on the coming age of scarce scarcity and abundant abundance

    James Burke is a legendary science historian who created the landmark BBC series Connections which provided an alternative view of history and change by replacing the traditional “Great Man” timeline with an interconnected web in which all people influence one another to blindly direct the flow of progress. Burke is currently writing a new book about the coming age of abundance, and he continues to work on his Knowledge Web project. In the interview, James Burke says we must soon learn how to deal with a world in which scarcity is scarce, we are more connected to our online communities than our local governments, and home manufacturing can produce just about anything you desire.

    We also sit down with Matt Novak, creator and curator of Paleofuture, a blog that explores retro futurism, sifting through the many ways people in the past predicted how the future would turn out, sometimes correctly, mostly not.

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  5. James Burke – 1 + 1 = 3

    Journalist and academic Aleks Krotoski presents the second of her three guest curated events on the theme of ‘Connections’.

    James Burke takes a sideways look at the connective nature of innovation and its social effects. Two ideas come together to produce something that is greater than the sum of the parts. The result is almost a surprise (in the way, for instance, the first typewriters boosted the divorce rate!).

    Innovation has usually attempted to solve some aspect of the problem with which we have lived for two million tool-using years: scarcity. As a result, our institutions, value systems, modes of thought and behaviour have all been shaped by the fact that there’s never been enough of everything to go around.

    However, thanks to the internet and a radically-accelerated rate of connective, inter-disciplinary innovation, we may be on the verge of solving the problem of scarcity once and for all. In ways that may really surprise us. What will abundance do to us? And how should we prepare for it?

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