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  1. CSS Grid, React Suspense and AirPod page weight frustrations - Fish and Scripts - A webby podcast

    Today’s episode features a grumpy Phil who bemoans the page weight of Apple’s AirPod Pro marketing site and we chat about how the web is impacted by leading companies creating pages like this. We chat about URLs and how much users care about them before moving onto Jack’s first time properly diving into CSS Grid - where we get stuck understanding margins and padding - and talk about React Suspense and how the surface area of what React is offering is getting larger and more complex…

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  2. Is CSS a programming language? - overflow: audible;

    In March, Heydon posted an inflammatory tweet, as he often does. :-)

    If you don’t think CSS is a programming language, you have a parochial view of programming and, I’m willing to bet, a parochial view on most other things - gender and ethnicity included.

    That escalated quickly. While one might be both racist and not consider CSS to be a programming language, it seems a spurious correlation. And it’s an especially strong take, given that Heydon appears to have changed his position on the matter. This was him tweeting in 2013:

    HTML is not a programming language. CSS even less so.

    So, which is it? Are we on the path to yet another “it depends”? And whether it depends or not, does it matter? Would “elevating” CSS to the status of a programming language encourage programmers to take CSS development more seriously? Or does moving CSS into a realm with a traditionally higher barrier to entry end up an exercise in exclusion?

    Heydon and I discuss this. For an hour. It’s a civil conversation, don’t worry.

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  3. 5by5 | The Big Web Show #186: Tantek Çelik—web standards, toolchains, and the decentralized web

    Legendary computer scientist, web standards pioneer, and indie-web proponent Tantek Çelik is Jeffrey Zeldman’s guest.

    The secret history of standards in our web browsers. How web standards moved from academic ideas that sometimes couldn’t even be implemented to the foundation of our modern web. The rift between standards-oriented, CSS-and-accessibility-loving web developers and those who rely on powerful and sophisticated toolchains: can it be bridged?

    The Flash years and today. Indieweb tools and the independent web community: what it’s about and how to get started. Readers versus social readers. Taking back privacy and the ownership of our content.

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  4. // CSS & CMS Musings with Eric Meyer

    On this episode we have on the CSS legend Eric Meyer to talk about the early days of CSS, and how it almost died, and also onto where CSS is today. We discuss utility-first CSS, CSS in JavaScript, and talk about the Flexbox and the awesomeness that is CSS Grid.

    We then also talk about the move of…

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  5. 328: Jen Simmons and Intrinsic Web Design - ShopTalk

    Jen Simmons is back to talk about what’s new in Firefox including a dev tools update. We also chat about sub grid, variable font support, and discuss whether all the new stuff that’s been added over the last few years heralds a new era of web design.

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