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  1. Vanilla JavaScript with Chris Ferdinandi

    We chat with Chris Ferdinandi about Vanilla JavaScript and the Lean Web. It’s amazing how fast everything can be when you write less JavaScript.

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  2. MJS 101: Chris Ferdinandi

    In this episode of My JavaScript Story, Charles Max Wood hosts Chris Ferdinandi, a Senior Front-End Engineer at Mashery. Chris is also a panelist on the podcast JavaScript Jabber and runs Go Make Things. Chris started out his career as in Human Resources, decided he wanted to go into development after he was asked to work on a coding project by his manager and he really enjoyed it. He got his first coding job as an entry level developer after attending a web development conference. Chris authors Vanilla JavaScript Pocket Guides which are short, focused e-books and video courses made for beginners.

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  3. JS Party #80: JavaScript is the CO2 of the web with Chris Ferdinandi, “The Vanilla JavaScript guy” |> News and podcasts for developers |> Changelog

    KBall, Divya, and Nick get together with Chris Ferdinandi to talk about vanilla JavaScript, best resources for learning, and our favorite vanilla JavaScript tips, tricks and APIs.

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  4. 274: Vanilla JS with Chris Ferdinandi - ShopTalk

    We’re talking with Chris Ferdinandi about Javascript, specifically Vanilla Javascript, and what that means on the web in 2017.

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