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  1. James Bridle: The nightmare videos of children’s YouTube — and what’s wrong with the internet today | TED Talk

    Writer and artist James Bridle uncovers a dark, strange corner of the internet, where unknown people or groups on YouTube hack the brains of young children in return for advertising revenue. From "surprise egg" reveals and the "Finger Family Song" to algorithmically created mashups of familiar cartoon characters in violent situations, these videos exploit and terrify young minds — and they tell us something about where our increasingly data-driven world is headed. "We need to stop thinking about technology as a solution to all of our problems, but think of it as a guide to what those problems actually are, so we can start thinking about them properly and start to address them," Bridle says.

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  2. Old-Fashioned Play Builds Serious Skills : NPR

    On October 3, 1955, the Mickey Mouse Club debuted on television. As we all now know, the show quickly became a cultural icon, one of those phenomena that helped define an era.

    What is less remembered but equally, if not more, important, is that another transformative cultural event happened that day: The Mattel toy company began advertising a gun called the "Thunder Burp."

    I know — who’s ever heard of the Thunder Burp?

    Well, no one.

    The reason the advertisement is significant is because it marked the first time that any toy company had attempted to peddle merchandise on television outside of the Christmas season.

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  3. Cover to Cover #322A: Charles Stross

    Hugo Award nominee and winner Charles Stross is in studio to chat about his latest book, Saturn’s Children. Charles explains how the story is really a Heinlein styled period piece, an homage to Heinlein’s late period, and tells the story of an android designed to be a sex robot for humans, only humans have gone extinct before she rolls off the assembly line.

    Why else would a robot have been built with nipples?

    The talk ranges from the appeal of Heinlein, the book sales percentages in the UK, and about the next few books he is working on, a sequl to Halting State, and more in the Merchant Princes series.


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