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  1. The Man Is Gone, But Long Live The Blogosphere

    Most bloggers I know don’t much like the word "blog", and they have even less affection for "blogosphere." Blech.

    Wikipedia says credit — or blame — for coining "blogosphere" goes to Brad Graham, a theater publicist and blogger in St. Louis who died this week at the age of 41. Look him up on Google and you’ll see: "Blogosphere" is his legacy.

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  2. The Connection: Web Logging

    Brad Graham, Rebecca Blood and Evan Williams discuss this new-fangled blogging thing on May 18, 2000. Hosted by Christopher Lydon.

    "To be, virtually, is to blog. Blogging, or making a web log, is tracking your own web journey click by click. A web log at its most basic is a mere collection of links, a massive list of virtual cool sites you’ve seen — a story about a gang of drag queen purse snatchers, interviews with physicist Freeman Dyson, a site full of techie horror tales. But most blogs are a lot more — a personal journal or a new journalism, a publishing house where everyman or woman can rant, share or divulge. Blogs are a daily snapshot of the ever-changing web; they may be the new literature. Like the first museums, the web log is an e-cabinet of wonders, a quirky, human attempt to filter a new mass of information — this time online. On a blog you get E-text of Gogol’s The Overcoat, news of a Japanese foot cult and fun facts about potatoes. So, dump the old website, with its pet photos and family updates. We’re Blogging in this hour of The Connection."

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