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  1. Recipes from “Food Matters” by Mark Bittman

    Food writer and home cooking guide Mark Bittman is a hero in many American kitchens. His “How to Cook Everything” has put a lot of meals on a lot of family tables.

    Now, Bittman is taking up a bigger cause than dinner: The way Americans eat, he says, is killing themselves and the planet. Too much meat. Too much junk food. Too big a footprint.

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  2. Mark Bittman | How to Cook Everything Fast: A Better Way to Cook Great Food

    Mark Bittman is one of America’s most critically praised and popular food writers. He penned the “Minimalist” column for The New York Times for 13 years and is the author of the ubiquitous How to Cook Everything series, called “the new, hip Joy of Cooking” (Washington Post). Some of his other work includes Cooking at Home with a Four-Star Chef, Vegan before 6 P.M., and the Public Television series Bittman Takes on America’s Chefs. He has won two James Beard Awards and the Julia Child general cookbook award. Bittman’s newest book features more than 2,000 from-scratch recipes that can be prepared quickly and easily.

    In conversation with Maureen Fitzgerald, Food Editor, Philadelphia Inquirer

    (Recorded 10/9/2014)

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  3. On Point: In Conversation with Mark Bittman

    Food writer, food thinker Mark Bittman is one of the big voices relentlessly pushing, cajoling, inviting, instructing to change the way America eats. For our health, for the big world.

    He’s done it himself. Vegan ‘til six is his new mantra. Basically, eat plants all day, enjoy what you like in the evening. Your heart and health will thank you, he says. And so will an environment not asked to carry the groaning load of the way we eat now.

    He’s funny. He’s smart. He’s a good cook. He’s thinking about your plate and the planet.

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  4. Mark Bittman on Taxing Bad Food to Subsidize the Good

    New York Times columnist Mark Bittman talks about taxing unhealthy foods. His article in the Times’ Sunday Review on July 24, “Bad Food? Tax It, and Subsidize Vegetables,” looks at why it’s so difficult to market healthy foods successfully.

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  5. Mark Bittman | Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating

    In Food Matters, Mark Bittman, one of the country’s foremost food writers, examines the role that meat consumption plays in global warming and discusses how government policy, big marketing, and global economics influence what we eat. The voice of the popular New York Times column ”The Minimalist” (now in its 11th year), Bittman is the bestselling author of several award-winning cookbooks, including the James Beard Award and the IACP/Julia Child Award winner How to Cook Everything.

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