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  1. Marcus du Sautoy and James Bridle – books podcast

    On this week’s show, we’re exploring infinity and beyond with artist and writer James Bridle and mathematician Marcus du Sautoy.

    Through his visual art and writings on technology and culture, James Bridle has been at the forefront of our understanding of tech for the last decade – and from his perspective, the view of our future is both exciting and gloomy. He sat down with the Guardian’s technology reporter Alex Hern to talk about his book, New Dark Age.

    Limits are grist to the mill for Marcus du Sautoy, professor of public understanding of science at Oxford University. His mission is to explore – and if possible, explain – the unknown, so following hot on the heels of his bestselling book What We Cannot Know, is How to Count to Infinity. Meeting with Richard Lea at the Hay festival, Du Sautoy explained how a German mathematician first proved the existence of infinity in 1874, and what the concept means for our understanding of the universe.

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  2. Little Atoms Live: Popular Science and Science Promotion

    The public interest in science has seemingly never been higher. Major TV series such as Wonders of the Solar System are watched by millions, the popular science shelves of bookshops are ever expanding. Some of these books even sell in respectable numbers. Is this a passing fad or is this trend being reflected in university admissions? Is there a line to walk between stimulating and enlightening or dumbed down content? Joining Little Atoms’ Neil Denny to discuss these questions and more are a panel of people who work at the sharp end of the promotion and the public understanding of science:

    Marcus du Sautoy

    Marcus du Sautoy is Charles Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science and Professor of Mathematics, and a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford. Formerly a Fellow of All Souls College, and Wadham College, he is now a Fellow of New College. Marcus is the author of three books, The Music of the Primes, Finding Moonshine and The Num8er My5teries, and has presented numerous TV series, most recently The Beauty of Diagrams for BBC4.

    Adam Rutherford

    Adam Rutherford is a professional geek. He holds a PhD in genetics, and is an editor at the science journal Nature, where he runs their podcast and video department. He has presented a number of programs for Radio 4, and his TV series for BBC4 include Cell, and the upcoming Genome.

    Ben Goldacre

    Ben Goldacre is an award-winning writer and broadcaster, who specialises in unpicking dodgy scientific claims made by scaremongering journalists, dodgy government reports, evil pharmaceutical corporations, PR companies and quacks. He has written the weekly Bad Science column in the Guardian since 2003. Bad Science the book has sold 240,000 copies, reached #1 in the paperback non-fiction charts, and is published in 18 countries. Ben also somehow manages to fit in a full-time job as a medical doctor for the NHS.

    Liz Bonnin

    Liz Bonnin studied Biochemistry at Trinity College, Dublin, and has a Masters in Wild Animal Biology from the Zoological Society of London and the Royal Veterinary College. A tv presenter in both the UK and the Republic of Ireland, Liz is probably best known as a presenter of BBC1’s science show Bang Goes the Theory. Recently she could be seen as part of the Autumnwatch team, and most recently, presenting segments of BBC2’s Stargazing Live.

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