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  1. Designing for Everyone, Everywhere with Luke Wrobkewski | Overtime

    Our latest Overtime guest, Luke Wroblewski, is known best for humanizing technology. He’s the author of several web design books, has founded several start-ups that were later acquired, and he’s now the Product Director at Google.

    In this episode, Dan and Luke discuss the key ideas behind his book Mobile First and how that translates to building for devices today, why we should be data-informed not data-driven when it comes to building products, and what he learned from his time creating and building Bagcheck and Polar.

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  2. Luke Wroblewski – Mobile as a Medium » UIE Brain Sparks

    “We have to go mobile”. It’s a prevalent phrase in many organizations these days. There’s a clear recognition that mobile is a “thing”. Oftentimes however, exactly what mobile is and the reasons for “going” there aren’t necessarily clear internally. Simply moving your current design to smaller screens or making it responsive without regard to content or context won’t cut it.

    There’s no better person to talk about the trends and direction of mobile than Luke Wroblewski. He’s consistently been at the forefront of the mobile design discussion. Through his books and his various talks, he’s advocated a mobile first approach, focusing on what is absolutely necessary and letting that inform the desktop design.

    Luke says it’s necessary to look at how your service or product is framed in the broader picture. Most are built upon tradition web structures, and then “mobilized” now that smartphone and tablet growth has exploded. He compares the difference between mobile and PC to that of television and radio. You wouldn’t just drop a radio program onto TV without optimizing it for that platform. The same should be considered for mobile as a medium.

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  3. Luke Wroblewski – Designing Multi-Device User Experiences

    Context is an important consideration in designing a mobile experience. As new devices enter the market, designers have to contend with new form factors and consider things such as ergonomics. Even things such as Apple’s retina displays affect approaches to design.

    Luke Wroblewski, author of Mobile First, is at the forefront of mobile design. He says that designers need to make sure their designs are fluid and flexible. Starting with a fluid grid at a foundational level ensures that your design can adapt to a variety of viewports.

    In addition, Luke says you want to take multiple screen resolutions into account. Instead of relying on images, he suggests employing cascading style sheets and SVG. This will make sure that graphics scale appropriately to different sizes and devices.

    Luke explores this topic further with Jared Spool in this podcast. He is also is presenting one of the daylong workshops at the User Interface 17 conference in Boston, November 5-7. Learn more about the Luke’s and the other workshops at

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  4. Luke Wroblewski: Mobile First Interview – Why Startups should Think about Mobile First: Design

    In this interview, Luke Wroblewski, a Digital Product Designer and author of Mobile First, explains why that startups need to take more advantage of mobile.

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  5. Luke Wroblewski – Designing for Mobile » UIE Brain Sparks

    Mobile is the “hot topic” these days. It’s increasingly at the front of designers’ minds. In a world where the power and capabilities of the device in your pocket are so great, the possibilities become somewhat astounding. The mobile landscape is changing so rapidly that it makes developing a formal strategy to “figure mobile out” all but impossible.

    Luke Wroblewski is at the forefront of the mobile design movement. He suggests that it’s better to put something, anything, out there and see how it fares. Excessive planning in the mobile space leads to missing opportunity after opportunity. Taking advantage of the market as it is today and the capabilities of these devices can lead to the refinement and evolution of your product.

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  6. Luke Wroblewski — Designing Mobile Web Experiences » UIE Brain Sparks

    The surge in mobile technology is incredible. Manufacturers ship over a million touchscreen phones every day. These devices allow people to interact with the web in new ways. Users generally need something the can easily operate with “one thumb, one eyeball”. When they access your application or website, what kind of experience are you delivering? Are you risking frustrating your users?

    Luke Wroblewski, the former Chief Design Architect for Yahoo! and founder of Bagcheck, is at the forefront of the “mobile first” approach. Streamlining your design for mobile helps you focus on what is absolutely necessary. In this podcast, Luke joins Jared Spool in a discussion about designing mobile experiences.

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  7. LukeW | Audio: Innovations in Web Input

    Jared led off the discussion, by diving into one of Google’s latest public innovations, Google Instant. If you’ve missed the hubbub, Google Instant starts searching and returning suggested queries as you type. Luke saw this technology developed during his time at Yahoo!, back in 2005. They ended up not using the technique on Yahoo!’s search because… Tune in for the details.

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  8. The Big Web Show 6: Mobile First

    Dan and Jeffrey chat with leading interaction designer Luke Wroblewski about designing for the mobile space, and learn why the mobile experience for a web application or site should be designed before the PC version.

    Luke Wroblewski is an internationally recognized digital product design leader who has designed or contributed to software used by more than 700 million people worldwide. He is the author of Web Form Design and Functioning Form, and an extremely popular speaker at leading web design conferences. After long stints as Chief Design Architect at Yahoo! and Lead User Interface Designer of eBay Inc.’s platform team, he is currently Chief Design Officer and co-founder of a stealth start-up.

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