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  1. John Hodgman reads from “More Information Than You Require” and Jonathan Coulton performs live at Coolidge

    This all-too-brief and face-hurtingly funny reading segued into the musical portion of evening, with a buckskin-shirt-and-coonskin-cap-clad Coulton laying down a few gems. Here’s the set list, with helpful time demarcations:

    • 37 min: An ode to Adama, Starbuck, those other wily Capricans, to the tune of the original Battlestar Galactica theme song
    • 39 min: "Tom Cruise Crazy," which is just as awesome as it sounds
    • 43 min: "The Future," a wistful sci-fi epic of adolescent angst
    • 47 min: "Brookline," Coulton’s chronicle of getting sucked into the charming-yet-Lovecraftian vortex that is Brookline, thanks to Hodgman’s nefarious influence
    • 52 min: "The Presidents," an "88 Lines About * 44 Women"-style ditty about all the presidents so far (a song that’s about to get a major retooling)
    • 57 min: The evening’s grand finale, a moment of musical/literary history that MAY NEVER BE REPEATED, in which Hodgman picks up a ukelele and joins Coulton in an adorably wobbly rendition of "Tonight You Belong to Me." Holy swoon.

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  2. The Man With F.E.E.E.T.

    The Man With F.E.E.E.T. is a brand new comedic adventure for View-Master viewers from Eric Drysdale, available now. It features twenty-one three-dimensional photographs on three View-Master reels, accompanied by a read-along sixteen-page story-booklet-thingy.

    In the reels, Christian Finnegan stars as Jack Strider, the ordinary man called to extraordinary action when he becomes steward to the most powerful pair of loafers in the world — known as F.E.E.E.T. (Footwear-based Electronically Engineered Emulation Technology.) In this story based on the fake episode of the made-up mid-’70s-ish TV show, handsome Jack Strider and his amazing compu-electronic shoes catch the trail of a crooked beach ball manufacturing mogul. The adventure leads the team to a deadly confrontation with a dangerous international weapons smuggler with whom Jack has tangled before!

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  3. A Conversation with John Hodgman | StarTalk Radio Show

    “Will you donate your body to be stuffed and put on display (at the American Museum of Natural History)?” This is one of the many questions John Hodgman poses to Neil during their monumental meeting of minds. From the Mac vs. PC debate to ‘geeks versus jocks,’ John and Neil provide more information than you require on the questions and challenges that face our age. Astrophysicist Charles Liu sits in the co-host chair this week, and comments on areas far beyond his usual expertise.

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  4. City Arts & Lectures — John Hodgman, Part 1

    American author and humorist John Hodgman has appeared as the resident expert on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," as PC on Apple’s "Get a Mac" TV ads, and was the headline speaker at the 2009 Radio and Television Correspondents dinner in Washington D.C. After graduating from Yale in 1994, he toiled in the trenches of the publishing industry. The experience led Hodgman to write an ironic advice column for McSweeney’s entitled, Ask a Former Literary Agent. In his first book, The Areas of My Expertise, Hodgman explores topics from the idiosyncrasies of famous detectives to colonial jobs involving eels. In his role on "The Daily Show," Hodgman has offered insight and commentary on art authentication, presidential candidate style, hurricane season and mixed martial arts. Hodgman’s latest book, More Information Than You Require, deals with more of the esoteric, charming and just plain eccentric topics that catch the author’s fancy. John Hodgman appeared in conversation with Merlin Mann on November 7, 2009.

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  5. An Evening With John Hodgman & Ken Plume II

    Continuing their annual tradition, we’ve got an in-depth conversation between minor television celebrity, PC, and literary trivialist John Hodgman and Quick Stop’s own Ken Plume. We present this audio feast for the ears, as one titan of culture and one Ken Plume touch on matters historical, Popeye musical, and those involving The Prisoner.

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  6. John Hodgman—The Areas of My Expertise

    John Hodgman (accompanied by his personal troubador, Jonathan Coulton), provides a hilarious look into his first book, The Areas of My Expertise, which is a brilliant (and funny) compendium of trivia and wisdom on topics large and small. Make sure you stay tuned for the author’s theme song (performed by Coulton) and the Q&A by walkie talkie, which has to be a podcasting first!

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