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  1. What We Can Learn From Microscopic Life In Antarctica

    Our colleagues at the TED Radio Hour introduce us to wildlife filmmaker Ariel Waldman. She says the coldest continent is brimming with invisible life that can only be seen through microscopes, including tardigrades (one of Maddie’s favorite critters).

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  2. Ariel Waldman, NASA Advisor | Cool Tools

    Cool Tools Show 227: Ariel Waldman

    Our guest this week is Ariel Waldman. Ariel is an advisor to NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts program. She led a five-week expedition to Antarctica to film microscopic life under the ice. Ariel is the author of the book What’s It Like in Space?: Stories from Astronauts Who’ve Been There and the global director of Science Hack Day.

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  3. Ariel Waldman on Antarctica – The Informed Life

    “It’s a very creative time for people from different disciplines to be trying to help us figure out if we can detect life in our solar system, or even life on exoplanets.”

    My guest today is NASA advisor, author, and YouTube videographer Ariel Waldman. Ariel describes what she does as making “massively multiplayer science” — that is, “creating unusual collaborations that infuse serendipity into science and space exploration.” In this episode, we focus on her recent sojourn documenting microscopic life in Antarctica, and how managing information in such a remote, demanding environment calls for self-reliance and thoughtful preparation.

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  4. Offworld: How Would Space Politics Work?

    Once humans start colonizing other planets, how will politics work between Earth and those who live offworld? Ariel is joined by author Annalee Newitz and linguist Nick Farmer—who works on the show the Expanse—to discuss science fiction’s portrayal of realistic space politics!

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  5. Episode 156 - Ariel Waldman

    Cara chats with "What’s It Like in Space?" author Ariel Waldman about her incredible career improving accessibility of science and space exploration for anyone and everyone. They discuss her work on the council for NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts and her previous work at NASA’s Colab program, along with her two flagship initiatives, and Science Hack Day. Follow Ariel: @arielwaldman.

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