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  1. How beer travelled the world

    Most every society has fermented alcoholic beverages - Mexican pulque, Peruvian chicha, Japanese sake, Indian palm toddy, African sorghum beer. But the German lager beer has largely displaced these local brewing traditions over the last 200 years to become a global consumer icon. That has many reasons—trade, migration, colonialism—but the success of lager lies also in the fact that it’s so bland.

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  2. Nineteen Seventy Three • Damn Interesting

    On 12 November 1971, in the presidential palace in the Republic of Chile, President Salvador Allende and a British theorist named Stafford Beer engaged in a highly improbable conversation. Beer was a world-renowned cybernetician and Allende was the newly elected leader of the impoverished republic.

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  3. Original Gravity Radio: Episode 0

    Welcome to Episode 0 of Original Gravity Radio, the podcast from the makers of Original Gravity% magazine (

    In this episode we take a look at Mikkeller’s new, and amazing, book, interview Jasper Cuppaidge, founder of Camden Town Brewery, about his epic crowd-funding excercise and taste two great beers.

    Plus tasting notes on Adnams Crystal Rye IPA and By The Horns London Porter.

    Why Episode 0 – let’s call it our Beta.

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  4. Blending Red Wine With Porter Ale: A Crossover Beer Worth The Buzz? : The Salt : NPR

    Two of mankind’s oldest beverages are being mashed together in a new generation of brews. These beer-wine blends, boasting layered, complex flavors, are part of a broader trend of experimentation, as craft brewers seek to distinguish themselves in a crowded field.

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  5. A Sign From Above? Needing New Roof, Monks Sell Rare Beer In U.S. : The Salt : NPR

    Westvleteren 12, a Belgian beer often called the best in the world, officially hits U.S. store shelves for the first time Wednesday. But fans of the beer may want to act quickly: The Trappist monks who brew it are only selling enough overseas to raise money to pay for a new roof and other renovations.

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