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  1. Pas de Chát: Talking Dance : 147 - Owning My Space as a Black Ballerina (TAKEOVER Hosted by Kiara Felder)

    In a very special episode, Kiara Felder (ballerina with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens) takes over as host of Pas de Chát to talk about her experiences as a black, queer woman in both life and the art form of ballet. Listen as she shares how she came to own her space as a black ballerina and the challenges she has endured to get where she is today.

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  2. 014: The Woman Redefining Possible Through Ballet and Physics- Dr. Merritt Moore - The Impossible Network

    A world-class ballet dancer, a Ph.D. in Quantum Optics, a participant in the BBC Astronaut training series ‘Have You Got What It Takes’, featured in the book ‘Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls’ and listed in Forbes 30 under 30, and all by the age of thirty; these some of the not so small accomplishments in the impossible journey of Dr. Merritt Moore.

    LA born, of a Korean mother and American father, Merritt’s upbringing equipped her with the curiosity, problem-solving skills, and the unconventional mindset to defy conventions that dictate the impossibility of being world class in Ballet and Quantum Physics at the same time

    I hope you enjoy this conversational collision of art and science with Dr. Merritt Moore.

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