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  1. The West Clare Style - An introduction - At the Crossroads | Acast

    Following on from last week’s show about East Clare, we’re moving westward through the Fergus Valley region, out to the Atlantic coastline by Milltown Malbay and then southwards to the Loophead peninsula. This area covers a wide range of ground and has several, distinct parameters that separate them from each others. From the Kerry/Limerick-influenced repertoire of the South-West peninsula, to the lonesome touch of fiddlers like Junior Crehan from further north in Mullagh, right through to the more eastward territory of the Fergus Valley where we’ll find technical virtuoso playing from the likes of Paddy Murphy and, arguably, Bobby Casey (who, was actually from the West coast), there is a lot of talking and listening points.

    Let’s not also forget the magnanimous influence of the piper Willie Clancy and of the two major female influences in Mrs. Galvin and Mrs. Crotty. It’s all loaded in today’s episode. Join me for a ramble through history (and take in some beautiful countryside along the way).

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  2. The East Clare Style - An Introduction - At the Crossroads | Acast

    Although not intended to be a comprehensive study, in this episode I will touch on some basics regarding the East Clare style. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find material of everyone I wished to include, particularly John Naughton. No doubt, I’ll make a return to this subject, even if only indirectly, in a future episode.

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