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  1. The Rolling Wave Ep 11 The Star Above the Garter

    In 1969 Siblings Julia Clifford and Denis Murphy from Kerry recorded an album called The Star Above the Garter for Claddagh Records. The album with it’s distinctive colourful cover painting quickly established itself as one of the classic recordings of Irish traditional music. This podcast celebrates that album- the Star above the garter.

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  2. How The Beatles Made ‘The White Album’

    Fifty years ago, just before the holidays in 1968, The Beatles put out not just a new album, but a double album, something relatively unheard of at the time. The album art was a stark, white, glossy cover with raised, slanted lettering that simply said, "The Beatles." That self-titled album, with its 30 songs that span genres from American country music to avant-garde tape collage, has come to be known as "The White Album." And in celebration of its birth 50 years ago, The Beatles label Apple Records has scoured the archives for a new deluxe edition of the album that, for the first time, includes previously unreleased, early demo recordings, studio outtakes and stunning remixes in both stereo and 5.1 surround.

    Today we’ve got a conversation with the man who produced this 100-plus song celebration, Giles Martin, whose father, George Martin, produced "The White Album" back in ‘68 (along with most everything else The Beatles ever made). In this interview with Giles Martin, you’ll hear some of the early demos, outtakes and remixes. But he begins by describing the process of making of the "The White Album," how it turned out to be a much-less planned and much more organic process than ever, and how that frustrated George Martin.

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  3. #239 - Oh Mercy on The Go-Betweens ‘Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express’ — Mr Jeremy Dylan

    Oh Mercy, aka Melbourne singer-songwriter Alexander Gow, joins me for our first examination of one of Australia’s most beloved bands, the Go-Betweens, and their album ‘Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express’.Alex talks about discovering the Go-Betweens in high school as he was just starting to write songs, their ‘inviting, un-elitist’ magic, Lindy Morrison’s amazing atypical drumming, the thread between the Go-Betweens and Burt Bacharach, whether Alex is a Grant or Robert guy, the influence of the humor and literary quality of Go-Betweens lyrics and the best thing about imitating greatness unsuccessfully.Plus, we talk about how he comes up with the unique titles of his records, why he still issues his albums on vinyl and what it’s like to have your records reviewed by your musical heroes.Oh Mercy’s latest album ‘Cafe Oblivion’ is out now.

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  4. #90 - Gena Rose Bruce on Nick Cave ‘The Boatman’s Call’ — Mr Jeremy Dylan

    Smokey-beyond-her-years Melbourne chanteuse Gena Rose Bruce joins me from a haunted hotel room in Kings Cross to talk about the most personal album from one of Australia’s greatest singer/songwriters - Nick Cave’s 1997 LP “The Boatman’s Call”.We talk about the trickiness of writing songs about real people and relationships, covering Nick Cave at weddings, why this album was a change of pace for Cave, keep musical and real life personalities separate and the intersection between love, religion and heroin.

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  5. #81 - Anthony Albanese MP on Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds ‘The Good Son’ — Mr Jeremy Dylan

    Former Deputy Prime Minister, long-serving parliamentarian and occasional DJ Anthony Albanese MP joins me on the show to talk about his favorite album by one of his favorite artists - “The Good Son” (1990) by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.We talk about the origins of his Nick Cave fandom, seeing him live with the Birthday Party and later with the Bad Seeds, how this album represents a period of Cave in transition, why ‘The Ship Song’ ended up on his playlist when he guest hosted Rage and which Nick Cave song got people moving in his recent DJ set.Also, we talk about why his electorate has Australia’s best concert venue (the Enmore), the advantages of going to gigs in Canberra, why bad governments breed good music, protest songs and the Reclink Community Cup.

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  6. #144 - Chris Hewitt (Empire) on R.E.M. ‘New Adventures in Hi Fi’ — Mr Jeremy Dylan

    Today I’m joined by a journalist of such lethal cunning… Chris Hewitt - news editor for film journal Empire Magazine and host of their massively popular podcast - joins me to talk about an overlooked classic in the catalogue of Georgian alt-rockers REM - 1996′s ‘New Adventures in Hi-Fi’.How does the near death of drummer Bill Berry hang over the atmosphere of the album? How did Michael Stipe’s vocal style evolve from Murmur to this album and beyond? Why does Chris think Ringo Starr is the worst drummer in rock history? What was the REM’s controversial original name? How did the band end up outlasting some of the acts it influenced? and most importantly - which members of the Avengers cast will play REM in the movie that tells the story of their reunion to take down President Donald Trump?

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  7. #229 - Tristen on Kate Bush ‘Hounds of Love’, opinions on opinions, Ryan Gosling and more — Mr Jeremy Dylan

    Year five of My Favorite Album kicks off with one of Nashville’s sharpest singer-songwriters, Tristen, talking Kate Bush’s seminal classic ‘Hounds of Love’.It’s a cut and thrust, back and forth full opinions - opinions on Kate Bush, the importance (or lack thereof) of drummers, the dueling metaphors underlying the album, the vapidness of contemporary music culture, post-tour depression, why unsolicited advice is poison, how sexually magnetic is Ryan Gosling anyway, why she longs to be where Kate Bush was when she made this album and some opinions about opinions.

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  8. #183 - Owen Rabbit on Kate Bush ‘Hounds of Love’ — Mr Jeremy Dylan

    Australian electro-pop singer-songwriter/producer Owen Rabbit joins me to explore the link between Kate Bush’s classic ‘Hounds of Love’ and modern electronic music, why some classic rock fans see elaborate or constructed pop as less sincere than acoustic singer-songwriter music, the studio Bush built to make the album and the freedom of recording outside of expensive recording studios, and the best modern Kate Bush covers.

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