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  1. Are the Tools You Use Helping Your Company Culture? - Product Mindset

    In this Topical Zoom episode, I speak with Matthew Strom, who is the co-founder of Planetary, a design agency, to talk about the role of tools in shaping company culture and more.

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  2. Have You Mastered The Art Of Communication? - Product Mindset

    In this Topical Zoom episode, I speak with 6 experts about Mastering the Art of Communication, a key Product Mindset topic.

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  3. Design Leadership & Evolution Of Design - Product Mindset

    In this Ferris Wheel episode, I speak with Peter Merholz, the co-founder of Adaptive Path. He talks about design leadership and the evolution of design.

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  4. Why Leading Without Authority Is Key? - Product Mindset

    In this Focus Forty episode I speak with Jackie Bavaro, Head of PM at Asana, about Leading without Authority, success and more.

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  5. Service Design Is The New Unorthodox - Product Mindset

    In this Ferris Wheel episode, I speak with Peter Merholz, the co-founder of Adaptive Path. I deconstruct his thinking on user centered vs service design.

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  6. 48. Paola Antonelli

    Paola Antonelli is the senior curator of the Department of Architecture and Design and the Director of R&D at MoMA where she’s expanded the traditional definition of design by acquiring pieces like the @ sign, the original emoji set, and Minecraft. Originally trained as an architect, Antonelli has written and edited for publications like Domus, Metropolis, ID, and Harper’s Bazaar and was previously taught at the University of California and Harvard University Graduate School of Design. In this wide ranging episode, Paola and I talk about design as a methodology, the problems with design education, and why she wants to make everyone design critic.

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  7. Presentable #32: Designing the Space You Work In - Relay FM

    Special guest Sarah Nelson, Studio Lead Designer at IBM, joins the show to discuss how to hack your office to enable better design work to happen.

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  8. What we don’t know about gun violence

    Marketplace® is your liaison between economics and life. Noted for timely, relevant and accessible coverage of business news across both audio and digital platforms, Marketplace programs are heard by more than 14 million weekly listeners. This makes the Marketplace portfolio the most widely heard business or economic programming in the country.

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  9. 220: High vs. Low Trust societies, Folk Tales and Technology

    Special guest podcast with Henry Cooke (@prehensile), founder of the forum High vs. low trust societies Folk tales and cultural ideas about technology UVB-76 Note: No Naomi or Andrea this week

    Follow us at @culturescast, and our hosts at @adrianhon @naomialderman @andrhia

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  10. Ep30. A conversation with filmmaker Christiane Badgley about Guangzhou Dream Factory – Ufahamu Africa

    After an unplanned break, the podcast returns this week, highlighting a new film: Guangzhou Dream Factory. In a conversation with filmmaker Christiane Badgley (@pipelinedreams), we talk about African migrants in China and the missed opportunities in these entrepreneurs’ home countries. Much of Badgley’s earlier work is set in Africa. In recent years, she has focused…

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