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  1. Vinyl Assault Vehicle w/Butch, 11/15/17 on WERA-LP, w/guest violinist James Wolf

    One hundred years of underground sound. Rock, jazz, psych, funk, indie rock, dub, classical, world, metal, ambient and the artists that make Arlington and DC famous. The 11/08/17 edition, with special guest, violinist James Wolf. James talks about his work with the VHF records artists From Quagmire and Fern Knight, his recent solo work on Verses Records and his wide-ranging work with groups like the Orchid, Phoenix Auto Group, Laconic Chamber and more. Two hours of experimental violin, the Beach Boys and even Sun Ra.

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  2. Liz Reed | NEA

    Cartoonist and multimedia artist Liz Reed is co-creator with her husband Jimmy of Cuddles and Rage—it’s a world inhabited by food with quirky personalities. Liz calls it “disturbingly cute,” which seems about right. In one-panel cartoons, dioramas, and animated short videos, Liz and Jimmy Reed create work that is cute—but it always has a twist. Take Dr. Taquito—a serial killer of food, who gives cooking lessons—ruthlessly shredding lettuce and chopping tomatoes as the poor vegetable victims try to get away. It’s an unashamedly playful and dark imaginative work. In today’s podcast, Liz takes through the creation and evolution of the singular world of Cuddles and Rage.

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  3. The IndieWeb - Martijn | Jeena’s Excellent Encounters

    We’re two senior IndieWeb participants talking about owning your own content.

    In this podcast: Jeena Martijn van der Ven

    My prepared notes

    These are the notes I have made during preperation, we often don’t follow them exactly but they help to follow the conversation.

    * Intro **** We’re you from? **** What’s your technical background? *** The IndieWeb **** Definition **** How to get a domain **** How to host your own website **** What are webmentions? **** What are microformats? **** Using Wordpress **** Using Known **** Writing your own software *** People write reusable blocks Generations **** General Data Protection Regulation *** Backfeeding ***** What to copy from a moral standpoint? ***** Deleting content

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  4. The New Builders Ep. 32: Predictable, Progressive, Performant – A SXSW Encore on Offline First Apps - developerWorks TV

    Listen to Maureen McElaney, Gregor Martynus, Nolan Lawson, Dan Zajdband and Alex Russell present the SXSW panel, "From Mobile First and Offline First."

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  5. The value of rituals in a digital world - Future Tense - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Are rituals still needed in a world mediated through digital devices?

    h/t Aaron Davis

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  6. It’s Been a Minute with Sam Sanders: Jimmy O. Yang on ‘Silicon Valley’ and ‘How To American’

    The comedian and actor talks to Sam about his immigrant experience and making it in Hollywood, which he writes about in a new book, "How To American: An Immigrant’s Guide To Disappointing Your Parents." Jimmy stars as immigrant programmer Jìan-Yáng on the HBO comedy "Silicon Valley."

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  7. The Far Future, Seriously… - BBC Radio 4

    How do we prepare for the distant future? Helen Keen meets the people who try to.

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  8. Episode 0 Welcome to the Datcast

    The first episode, where Bret and Jim try making a podcast for the first time, and explain what they want the show to be.


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  9. Introduction to IndieWeb on WordPress

    A starter tutorial to IndieWebifying a self-hosted WordPress website. (audio only version)

    I spent some time this morning doing a dry run through setting up a suite of IndieWeb plugins on a fresh WordPress installation. Going off of a scant outline I talked for almost two hours describing IndieWeb functionality as I set it all up. Hopefully it will provide a useful guide to newcomers to the space until I can write up a more solid outline and take a more polished approach. Apologies in advance for the roughness of the audio, lack of quality, and even live mistakes. Hopefully folks won’t mind suffering through until we can come up with some better tutorials.

    As prerequisites, I assume you’ve already got your own domain and have installed WordPress on a server or other host. I actually finish setting up the WordPress install as I start the video and then sign in for the first time as we begin.

    While many of the core plugins are straightforward, there is a huge amount of leeway in how folks can choose (or not) to syndicate to sites like Twitter, Facebook, and others. Here I make the choice to use the Bridgy Publish plugin and only demonstrate it with Twitter. With one example shown, hopefully other silos can be set up with as well. The IndieWeb wiki details other options for those who want other methods.

    At the end I walk through creating and syndicating a post to Twitter. Then I demonstrate commenting on that post using another CMS (WithKnown) from a separate domain.

    I do my best to provide verbal descriptions and visual examples, but these can certainly be supplemented with further detail on the IndieWeb wiki. I hope to come back and add some diagrams at a later date, but this will have to suffice for now.​​​​​​​​​

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  10. Chinese Robocalls are Bombarding New York | WNYC | New York Public Radio, Podcasts, Live Streaming Radio, News

    New York is the latest city to be hit with a rash of robocalls in Mandarin. The NYPD estimates that …

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