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  1. Forensic Psychiatrist Marc Sageman : NPR

    Sageman is a former foreign service officer who worked with Islamic fundamentalists daily during the Afghan-Soviet war. He’s the author of the new book Understanding Terror Networks.

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  2. G3: BitchFest

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  3. Sources and Methods #30: Deb Chachra — Sources & Methods

    Deb Chachra 101:Deb Chachra on twitter / instagram / homepageMetafoundry — Deb’s weekly newsletterDeb Chachra’s OLIN faculty profileShow Notes:00:47 – Metafoundry01:00 – OLIN College02:58 – “Why I am not a maker” (The Atlantic)4:44 – “Making as an Act of Caring” by Anab Jain (Superflux)4:59 – John Ardern6:17 – Edward L. Deci - “Why We Do What We Do” (book)7:36 – Deb Chachra / education research8:11 – Tetris / Minecraft9:42 – Ursula Franklin (wiki) “The Real World of Technology” (book)19:04 – MOOCs (wiki)20:28 – Gender imbalance in engineering school27:39 – Edward L. Deci - “Why We Do What We Do” (book)33:43 – UCL’s Integrated Engineering Programme33:55 – Engineering Leadership Programme (Olin / U Texas partnership)37:27 – Oral Roberts University38:30 – Polaroid45:46 – Canada & refugees Sponsoring Syrian refugees48:20 – Metafoundry (email newsletter)50:17 – Metafoundry on VR (here and here)52:46 – Zibaldone / Commonplace book Deb’s zibaldone53:30 – Pinboard54:57 – Boston Athenæum (wiki / official site)56:20 – A book as a souvenir (James Bridle)58:49 – Deb on Instagram Clive Thompson (twitter) Situated Systems Project1:00:21 – The Situated Systems Team1:01:24 – Metafoundry posts referencing the Situated Systems project1:02:37 – Stranger Things (IMDB)1:04:12 – Dylan Thomas – “My education was the liberty I had to read indiscriminately and all the time, with my eyes hanging out.” (quote)1:05:44 – Sarah Perry - The Essex Serpent (book)1:06:59 – Predestination (IMDB)1:08:34 – Kill vs Maim (song video)

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  4. How the “separate spheres” ideology is still affecting us today / Boing Boing

    In this episode of the You Are Not So Smart Podcast, we explore how the separate spheres ideology is still affecting us today, and how some people are using it to scare people into voting down anti-discrimination legislation.

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  5. Crush on Radio: Merlin Mann and The Meadowlands

    The first episode was my proudest moment: a chat with the legendary Merlin Mann about an album that changed his life: The Meadowlands by The Wrens. It was an incredible experience, and I’m happy to share it with you all again.

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  6. GEO Conference call

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  7. Section D: To the letter

    A look at some of the latest developments and enduring stories in typography and lettering. We check in with TPTQ Arabic, a type foundry in The Hague focused on developing high-quality Arabic typefaces and we chat with Jonathan Hoefler, head of New York foundry Hoefler & Co, who takes us through the company’s new typeface Operator. Plus: we look at Italy’s sign heritage and survey the best pens on show at Paperworld in Frankfurt.

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  8. Punknews Podcast Episode 310: SKAdcast

    On episode 310 of the Punknews Podcast the hosts threw out the normal routine and spent an hour talking about ska for no particular reason. John Gentile, Adam White and Ricky Frankel chat about how and when they found the genre and what about it resonated. They tackle the quandary that is the modern ska scene and the mythical 4th wave, plus play a number of songs well-loved and rare, spanning decades. Pick it up!

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  9. China’s undeserved reputation for building bad infrastructure in Africa

    The Chinese build more infrastructure in Africa than any other country (foreign or African). Chinese banks are financing billions of dollars in new loans, aid packages and other deals to build badly-needed infrastructure across the continent and it’s Chinese companies that are doing most of the engineering and construction work. Between 2009 and 2014, the Chinese signed $328 billion in construction projects in Africa, an average of $54 billion a year, according to data from the international law firm Baker & McKenzie. This trend is widely expected to continue as Beijing turns to its new development bank, the AIIB, to focus more of its economic diplomacy around the world on building infrastructure.

    Even though the Chinese are making an enormous contribution to Africa’s infrastructure development, there is a still a pervasive misperception that Chinese-built roads, bridges and other construction projects are of poor quality. Media reports of Chinese-made roads that quickly fall apart in Ethiopia or hospitals built by Chinese contractors in Angola that never opened due to cracks, have come to dominate many peoples’ perceptions of the quality of work performed by the Chinese.

    New research, though, demonstrates that those anecdote…

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  10. WTF with Marc Maron - Thom Yorke from Radiohead Interview

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