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  1. Life in New York Public Housing: No AC, but Maybe a Fan Blowing Soot from Outside the Window - WNYC

    Almost 90 percent of New Yorkers have air conditioning in their homes, but less than half of public housing apartments do. And those …


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  2. From Soviet Russia to the Tappan Zee Bridge, A Short History of the E-ZPass - WNYC

    The surprising history of the E-ZPass includes Russian spies, the world’s first electronic musical instrument, and the time government bureaucracy …


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  3. The Hard Truth About Cops Who Lie - WNYC

    A WNYC investigation found more than 120 cops with documented credibility problems, and many of them remained on the force. …


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  4. How Downtown Manhattan Wants to Create More Integrated Schools - WNYC

    The school district that includes the East Village wants to shake up its admissions policies. It’s one of several solutions …


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  5. Section 8 Housing: ‘We All Deserve the Right Thing’ - WNYC

    The Section 8 housing voucher gives low-income people a choice of where to live. But today that choice is increasingly …


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  6. In a Flood Plain? Damaged by Sandy? These Home Buyers Aren’t Fazed. - WNYC

    This week, 115 Sandy-damaged homes went up for auction on Staten Island and Long Island. Hundreds of people turned out …


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  7. Is Vision Zero Working? Early Signs Look Good - WNYC

    So far this year, traffic fatalities are down in New York City by 11 percent. That’s a significant drop  — …


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  8. The Trust Engineers

    How a tiny group of social engineers are making our online relationships kindler and gentler, whether we like it or not. 


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  9. Note To Self: Listen to your voicemail

    To close out 2015, we want to leave you the way we started it: with one of our favorite Gizmodo stories from writer Leslie Horn (she’s now at Deadspin). It starts out like this:

    "My mother is untrainable. At least, as far as voicemail is concerned. We’d repeat the same song and dance over and over. Me: Stop leaving me voicemails.Her: I don’t understand. This went on for years, until I figured out she was right all along."

    Listen above to hear a story of mourning, family, and a piece of technology that – love it or hate it – still has the capacity to connect us in ways texts, emails, and all the rest just can’t. It’s a podcast ode the humble voice recording.

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  10. Alone and Isolated, the Punishment Piles on for Immigrant Detainees - WNYC

    A WNYC investigation reveals that immigrant detainees in New Jersey are sent to solitary confinement for non-violent and, at times, perplexing reasons.


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