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  1. Life And Death At Chemawa Indian School . News | OPB

    Marshall Friday came to Oregon looking for a better life.

    For Melissa Abell, it was to grow up.

    Flint Tall came for love.

    The three students came from three different states and three different tribes to attend Chemawa Indian School in Salem, Oregon. Now, their three mothers are struggling to understand how their children’s promising futures fell apart — and what role the federally run boarding school played.

    Chemawa Indian School is located just north of Salem off of I-5.

    MacGregor Campbell/OPB

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  2. Criminal | The Choir

    The Choir

    Episode #82

    2018-01-12 13:55:54


    As a child, Lawrence Lessig was a gifted singer. His church choir director encouraged him to attend a choir camp at a prestigious boarding school in New Jersey. He was so talented that the school invited him to stay and join their official choir. He sang at Carnegie Hall and toured the world. But it was what happened behind the scenes that would change his life forever.

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    Artwork by Julienne Alexander.


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  3. What Really Happened At The School Where ‘Every Senior Got Into College’ : NPR Ed : NPR

    Last year, every graduating senior at Ballou High School got into college. A WAMU and NPR investigation shows that many of those students missed more than a month of school and struggled academically.


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  4. Fortuné’s big dreams and small spaghetti business | Public Radio International

    A 15-year-old orphan from the Central African Republic has started his own business to pay his school fees. And despite the odds, he has big plans.



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  5. One Bad Mother Episode 217: Back To School Anxiety, Plus Actor and Children’s Book Author Michael Ian Black | Maximum Fun


    One Bad Mother


    Michael Ian Black

    Biz and Theresa load up our backpacks with unnecessary anxiety! School is great and the teachers are better, so what could be keeping us up at night? Will the teacher be a good fit for our kid? Is this the REAL school supply list? We gotta get kids where? WHEN?! Does it count as bad communication from the school if we don’t read any of it? Should any of this be stressing us out? Theresa rolls with it while Biz lets her sadness for her ever aging children manifest itself into an unhealthy “yes!” Plus Biz has a screamer, Theresa goes to the beach, and we talk to Michael Ian Black about fatherhood, twitter, writing children’s books, and Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later (in which he stars), which is streaming now on Netflix, to our endless delight!

    Follow Michael on twitter @michaelianblack and don’t forget to check out his latest children’s book A Child’s First Book of Trump and his hilarious new Netflix series Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later!

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  6. Episode 463: @ImpactHubHNL and Altino – July 12, 2017 – Bytemarks Cafe

    Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, George Yarbrough, Stacy Clayton, Ian Kitajima, Ryan OzawaFirst up, we have George Yarbrough here to tell us about the launch of Impact Hub Honolulu. Then Stacy Clayton from Kamehameha Schools and Ian Kitajima from Oceanit are here to tell us about a new coding system for non-coders called “Altino“. Workshops are ongoing and you can find more information here.

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  7. Little dragons - Radiotonic - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Johan Gabrielsson recalls stories of friendship, remorse, pathos, drugs… and ping pong, from his childhood years at an exclusive Swedish boarding school.


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  8. 99% Invisible Episode 121: Cold War Kids

    During the 1961 Berlin Crisis—one of the various moments in the cold war in which we came frighteningly close to engaging in actual war with the Soviets—President John F. Kennedy vowed to identify spaces in “existing structures both public and private that could be used for fallout shelters in case of attack.”


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  9. Bjarke Ingels: An Architect For A Moment Or An Era? : NPR

    Cartooning was his passion as a kid, and he enrolled in the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture to become better at drawing backgrounds. Now, some call Ingels a "starchitect," because his challenging designs are getting built.


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  10. Malcolm Gladwell: Secrets of the Underdog’s Success

    Why do underdogs sometimes end up leading the pack? Malcolm Gladwell explores this question in his latest book, "David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants." The bestselling author joins us in studio for a discussion about turning your disadvantage into a winning advantage.


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