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  1. Material Conference 2017: FlowVR - Tristan Gribbin

    Tristan Gribbin is the creator and CEO of FLOW and is passionate about helping bring meditation to the world. She has been practicing meditation with serious dedication since the year 2000 and is a recognised meditation teacher in Iceland.

    Flow has a VR meditation app which has won the opportunity to pitch in the US at TechCrunch Disrupt this September. Tristan will walk us through meditation, Virtual Reality and how this new material impacts our senses and where the Web might be headed.

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  2. To The Best of Our Knowledge: Higher Consciousness

    Suppose neuroscientists map the billions of neural circuits in the human brain….are we any closer to cracking the great existential mysteries - like meaning, purpose or happiness? Scientists, contemplatives and religious thinkers are now exploring the connections between neuroscience and contemplative practice, and creating a new science of mindfulness.

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  3. Buddhist Geeks: What can science teach us about [meditation] practice?

    In this episode, taken from the Buddhist Geeks Conference in 2011, Kelly McGonigal, PhD in Health Psychology, speaks on how the neuroscience of meditation can help us understand how practice shapes the mind and can also offer fresh insights into concepts like mindfulness and suffering. As Dr. McGonigal presents various scientific studies that show differences in the brain functioning between meditators and non-meditators, she highlights how meditation practice benefits the practitioner in various ways such as higher pain thresholds and reduced depression.

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  4. The Headspace meditation podcasts: Sleeping

    Meditation exercises to help you get to sleep quickly and easily.

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  5. The Headspace meditation podcasts: Commuting

    Third in a series of meditation podcasts. Take the stress out of travelling to and from work with Headspace’s guide to mindfulness while commuting.

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  6. The Headspace meditation podcasts: Eating

    Third in a series of meditation podcasts. Learn how to take the time to appreciate food.

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  7. The Headspace meditation podcasts: Walking

    Second in a series of meditation podcasts. Tips to help you take the time to notice the world around you while walking.

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  8. The Headspace meditation podcasts: Day-to-day mindfulness

    First of a series of podcasts explaining how to use meditation and mindfulness to reduce stress and increase concentration.

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  9. The Art of Meditation

    “The world’s happiest man" philosopher Matthieu Ricard explains how we can train our minds in habits of well-being.

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