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  1. Presentable #37: Do Diverse Teams Really Make Better Products? - Relay FM

    Relay FM | Presentable #37: Do Diverse Teams Really Make Better Products?


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  2. Future Self : Invisibilia : NPR

    We all have a future self, a version of us that is better, more successful. It can inspire us to achieve our dreams, or mock us for everything we have failed to become.



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  3. Presentable #32: Designing the Space You Work In - Relay FM

    Special guest Sarah Nelson, Studio Lead Designer at IBM, joins the show to discuss how to hack your office to enable better design work to happen.


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  4. The Future of Emotional Machines - SXSW 2017

    Imagine a stuffed animal that alters its behavior in response to a child’s emotional state, a commercial that changes based on a customer’s facial expression, or a device that can actually create feelings as though you were experiencing them naturally. This is the next giant step in the relationship between humans and technology: emotionally aware computers and social robots that recognize, respond to, and even influence our emotions. Because emotion is such a core aspect of who we are, these technologies will eventually be able to respond to our needs before we’re even aware of them ourselves. But how will they change us and what will be the unintended consequences of emotional machines?

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  5. Presentable #22: Jessica Hische Is Good at Freelancing - Relay FM

    This week, one of the best letterers and illustrators in the industry, Jessica Hische, joins the show. We discuss the thrills and anxieties of making a living as a freelancer.


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  6. If you’re worried about the future, look at the past – With Friends Like These

    Disagreeing about facts is one thing, what if you disagree about reality? Adam Savage (“Mythbusters,” Tested.com) joins to help a WFLT listener whose sister has embraced right-wing conspiracy theories. MTV’s Ezekiel Kweku comes by to discuss how America’s dystopian future could be based on its dystopian past.


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  7. FW:THINKING – Looking Back on the Future Part One

    The podcast crew talks about some of their favorite predictions about the future, from evolving language to 20th century French postcards.


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  8. Presentable #17: My Dishwasher Really Needs Bluetooth - Relay FM

    This week, Relay FM co-founder Myke Hurley joins the show to talk about the design of everyday things, the impact of companies like Apple and Slack on how we build things, and why it’s so hard to rebrand a business.


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  9. Track Changes: Brightcove, Big City—talking video with David Mendels

    Our all-video future: this week Paul Ford and Rich Ziade talk to David Mendels, the CEO of the video-hosting platform Brightcove. They discuss video’s rise and current dominance on the web, esports, “snackable video,” Rich’s relationship with his cable bill, and Pokémon GO (“There’s, like, a Bulbasaur by our bathroom,” Paul says of Postlight’s offices. “That’s our recruiting strategy.”)


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  10. Admiral Shovel and the Toilet Roll — dConstruct Audio Archive

    It begins to look as if we might have been wrong. All those predictions driving us forward throughout history have brought us finally to the unexpected realisation that the future is, suddenly, no longer what it used to be. Oops.


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