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  1. An Indieweb Podcast: Episode 8 Interflux

    David Shanske and Chris Aldrich recap the recent IndieWeb Summit 2018 in Portland Oregon including recent developments like microsub, readers, Vouch, and even the comeback of webrings!

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  2. Core Intuition » Episode 336: Bringing Webrings Back

    Manton and Daniel talk about migrating to run on They reflect on the nostalgia and inspiration of old web conventions like webrings and blogrolls. Finally, they talk about macOS Mojave’s forthcoming AppleEvent sandboxing and the effect it has on a wide variety of apps.

    Download Audio (MP3, 47 minutes)

    Many thanks to our sponsors this week:

    Jamf Now: Set up, manage and protect Apple devices in minutes.

    Linode: Cloud Hosting for You.

    Links: – Manton’s personal blog, now hosted on

    🕸💍.ws – IndieWeb Web Ring. – An open web oriented “read later” service.

    Jonathan LaCour – Developer of and other open web projects.

    MacBook Pro Refresh – TechCrunch reporting on Apple’s revisions to the MacBook Pro lineup.

    AppleEvent Sandboxing in Mojave – Felix Schwarz’s analysis of the new restrictions on AppleEvent use by macOS apps.

    Reauthorizing Automation – Daniel’s post about AppleEvent sandboxing and resetting the authorization databases.

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  3. Rachel Whiteread: on sculpture

    At the 2017 Women in Architecture Awards, Rachel Whiteread became the third woman to be awarded the Ada Louise Huxtable Prize, which recognises those working in the wider industry who have made a significant contribution to architecture and the built environment.

    In this lecture, recorded at the awards lunch at Claridge’s on Friday 3 March, Whiteread looks back at 30 years of sculpture and considers the relationship between her work and the world of architecture.

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  4. Episode 22 | Deena Kastor

    "I really believe that running is such a great way to challenge us and to add that difficulty to our life in a very controlled way so that we can deal with challenge and adversity. And I love that. I love getting to the crux of a workout. I go out hard in races and workouts because I want to suffer early on so I can find ways to get through it. And to me it’s always been a game—just this playful pursuit of seeing how badly I can hurt and then what tools I can learn to get through it…When I can handle these challenges in running continuously, then when something shows up in life, I feel like it’s a breeze to get through it."

    Honored to welcome Deena Kastor to the podcast this week. The 45-year-old, who lives in Mammoth Lakes, California with her husband (and coach) Andrew and daughter Piper, is an Olympic bronze medalist in the marathon, multi-time national champion at various distances, and holds numerous American records, including the still-standing women’s marathon mark of 2:19:36. She also holds multiple Masters world and American records from 5K to the marathon.

    Kastor, who published her first book, Let Your Mind Run, in April, recently sat down with me to discuss a wide range of topics, including:

    — Living and training in Mammoth Lakes, California, a place she’s…

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  5. An Indieweb Podcast: Episode 7 The Reverse Salmention

    In this last episode before David Shanske and I head to the Indieweb Summit in Portland, Oregon, we discuss updates to people’s Indieweb experience, little things David has hidden in plugins, web-signin vs IndieAuth, etc. We’re both looking forward to seeing those of you who can join us in Portland.

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  6. Reliable Sources podcast: How Trump uses words to con the public

    Lakoff said the president manipulates language to control the public narrative.

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  7. Wharton People Analytics Conference 2018 | Keynote: Stewart Butterfield and Mae McDonnell

    Stewart Butterfield, the Co-Founder and CEO of Slack, was captivated by the early internet and co-founded both Slack and Flickr. In this conversation from the 2018 Wharton People Analytics Conference, Stewart and Mae McDonnell, an Assistant Professor of Management at The Wharton School, discuss his experiences leading Slack and building the next generation of enterprise software.

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  8. #61 mit Steward Butterfied, Slack CEO & Co-Gründer - ‘On the Way to New Work’

    "90% of my job is to make sure that the organization is performing at the highest possible level."

    New work is definitely about the people. It’s ‘people before paper’. But if you were to ask someone what communication tool truly represents new work, in almost all cases, people will say: Slack. We had the honour of meeting Stewart Butterfield, the founder and CEO of Slack. To put it in perspective, Slack is known as one of the fastest growing companies in history and one of the hottest startups of the time. With a valuation of over 5 billion US dollars, Slack is still growing with roughly 1000 people working within the organisation. Stewart deeply cares about the way they work at Slack and he shared with me very openly how his role as a leader has changed. Successful, yet humble. Innovative, yet down-to-earth, with a very fundamental understanding for what is important in life and work. It was definitely an interview that I enjoyed a lot, since we have many clients who use this tool and ask us for our input and advice. So for this episode, we went one step further - directly to the source: How Slack is used at Slack effectively and how they live and push ‘new work’ to new limits. And as Stewart hints throughout the discussion - it’…

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  9. Podcast #99: Auditing Your Digital Workflow – BirchTree

    People have a tendency to always be looking for the latest and greatest software to do their work with. They want something new, something shiny. And while tools are important and when possible you should try to use the best tool for the job, this quest to always find something better will not magically make you better at what you do.

    Photoshop doesn’t make your ideas any better. Ulysses doesn’t make your writing magically more profound. OnmiFocus won’t make your more productive on its own. But we sometimes tell ourselves this is the case. We think we can get out of a slump by getting a new, cool app to work with. That may lead to a temporary surge, it’s only temporary.

    Focus on what tools remove friction from your life. That is my main motivator for software and I’m trying to get better at optimizing for that over looking for the new and flashy stuff.

    Subscribe to The BirchTree Podcast here.



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  10. How to Trust People You Don’t Like - WorkLife with Adam Grant

    A crew of astronauts from different countries share fresh insights about handling conflict and building trust.

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