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  1. The Twentieth of January | Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything

    Speaking of surveillance, USA TODAY has a really strange live feed of Inauguration Day.

    No news commentary, no reporters, just a live feed that switches between cameramen.

    It’s being shot from strange angles that give the feel of CCTV and all audio is environmental.

    You can hear people talking in the background.

    It has shown everything from the speech, to the performances, idle moments outside the white house, the luncheon, and currently the parade.

    It’s really strange but super interesting.

    Go check it out if you haven’t seen it.


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  2. 153: Khaleesi of the Couch (feat. Jeany Ngo) | Design Details

    Today we caught up with Jeany Ngo, a designer by day at Airbnb, artist and creator and cosplayer by night. We dig into her journey into design, internships and hustle, art and cosplay, aphantasia and logic, and so much more.

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  3. Obama’s Last Interview – Pod Save America

    The Pod Save America team sits down with President Obama for his last interview as President.

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  4. 205: People Don’t Use the Weird Parts

    Follow up: MacRumors talks with Lattner


    LLVM Bytecode vs. LLVM Bitcode







    Swift Open Source

    Casey’s love letter to Swift enums

    Swift Evolution "Commonly Rejected Changes" list

    asm.js, WebAssembly & TypeScript


    Casey’s primer series

    Garbage collection vs. ARC




    Go’s garbage collection

    Java Native Interface

    Ending theme by Jonathan Mann

    Post-show Neutral

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  5. Episode #5: Andy Richter on Youthful Melancholy and Twisted Entertainers | The Hilarious World of Depression | APM Podcasts

    It’s not exactly normal for a 5-year-old kid to listen to Simon & Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” over and over and over, but Andy Richter didn’t know that. It felt natural to him. The actor and longtime comedic accompanist to Conan O’Brien relates his childhood in Illinois, the impact of divorce on his nascent depression, and how he plugged away at finding both an effective treatment and who he really was. Also, are ALL people who go into comedy at least a little twisted? Here Andy’s answer.

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  6. The View From Room 205

    Can schools make the American Dream real for poor students?

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  7. Hidden Brain — Episode 56: Getting Unstuck

    At one time or another, many of us feel stuck: in the wrong job, the wrong relationship, the wrong city – the wrong life. Psychologists and self-help gurus have all kinds of advice for us when we feel rudderless. This week on Hidden Brain, we explore a new idea, from an unlikely source: Silicon Valley.

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  8. Candid #38: Winter Photography | Candid

    We answer a listener question about shooting in winter: how to do it, what to bring, and what to watch out for to ensure you and your gear stay safe.

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  9. Stripped of Their Dignity - WNYC

    For years, female visitors to city jails have been complaining about invasive strip-searches as they try to see their loved …

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  10. Jason has a copy hosted at The Incomparable

    Five minute interview wherein Jason Snell very closely predicts the App Store. That whole Expo was so damn exciting. It’s an overused phrase, but that iPhone debut was an instance where it really did feel like we’d been given a very clear glimpse of the future.

    Merlin’s audio for the file was hosted at Odeo (remember them?), but Jason has a copy hosted at The Incomparable.

    ★ Monday, 9 January 2017

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