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  1. Listen: The ‘Get a Mac’ oral history podcast | Campaign US

    John Hodgman, Justin Long and scriptwriter Jason Sperling share stories of the legendary Apple campaign and revisit unaired scripts.. From Campaign US

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  2. Do we see reality as it is? | Donald Hoffman

    Cognitive scientist Donald Hoffman is trying to answer a big question: Do we experience the world as it really is … or as we need it to be? In this ever so slightly mind-blowing talk, he ponders how our minds construct reality for us.

    TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world’s leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design — plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more. Find closed captions and translated subtitles in many languages at

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  3. Episode 2, Scoop, Classic Serial - BBC Radio 4

    Life is tedious for war correspondent William, but he finds love.

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  4. Episode 1, Scoop, Classic Serial - BBC Radio 4

    Hapless journalist William Boot is mistakenly sent to report on a war in Africa.

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  5. You Made It Weird #344: Moshe Kasher #3 | Nerdist

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  6. Vexillonaire - 99% Invisible

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  7. Diane Rehm - journalists rethinking role under trump

    One of her guests is always you.

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  8. Ukeville! – Coverville | The Cover Music Podcast

    Here’s on what’s on the show tonight:

    Title (with link to iTunes, if available)

    Artist (with link to the artists’ website, if available)

    Album (with link to, if available)

    Original Artist

    Weather With You

    The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra

    The Heartache EP

    Crowded House

    While My Guitar Gently Weeps

    Jake Shimabukuro

    Gently Weeps

    The Beatles

    Ring The Bells

    Judson Claiborne

    Before Midnight Scholar


    Such Great Heights

    The Be Arthurs


    Postal Service

    Head Over Heels

    Corin Ashley


    Tears For Fears

    The Imperial March


    Ukelele Force: Star Wars

    Star Wars/John Williams


    The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain


    Ms. Dynamite

    Livin’ On A Prayer

    The Re-Entrants (and mySpace)


    Bon Jovi

    Bang On The Ukulele Daily (recover)

    Todd Rundgren

    One Long Year

    Todd Rundgren

    42 minutes |

    Sponsor: BlueHost, the hosting service that I have used since the beginning of Coverville. Their customer service and feature offerings are better than ever, so check them out!

    Subscribe to the AAC version of Coverville by clicking this link: itpc://

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  9. BBC Discovery: The City that Fell into the Earth

    How do you move a city? Lesley Riddoch travels to Arctic Sweden to find out. Kiruna is gradually sliding into Europe’s biggest iron ore mine. The city has to be rebuilt two miles away. That requires an extraordinary blend of planning, architecture, technology and stoicism. If anyone can do it then it’s the Swedes.

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  10. Earthquake alert! How seismic sensing works | This Way Up, 12:15 pm on 26 November 2016 | Radio New Zealand

    Since the big Kaikoura earthquake last week there have already been well over 5000 aftershocks, all logged and recorded by GeoNet, the earthquake and volcano monitoring system that sends alerts to smartphones, and is made available on the web. So how does the movement of the earth’s crust get recorded and then broadcast as an alert to your phone within seconds? To discover how the information moves from a fault line in the South Island to your digital device we headed out with some of the team from GeoNet.!-how-seismic-sensing-works

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