Book Talk: Kate Summerscale / Nick Harkaway / Natasha Soobramanien interviews

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  1. Get More from Your Editor with Natasha Bajema Author of Bionic Bug | The Book Editor Show

    Natasha Bajema, national security expert and author of Bionic Bug, joins Clark Chamberlain to discuss how to choose the right editor and gain productive feedback that not only made her manuscript better, but improved her skills as an author.


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  2. Nick Harkaway reading from The Blind Giant

    I’ve been a bit quiet here because there’s been so much going on, so I thought I’d post this – a snippet of me reading from The Blind Giant. Feel free to download it and share it around, that’s the idea. I should probably have tacked on an ident, but I didn’t – I’ll do that next time, but it feels kinda tacky, and this is a species of experiment. (i.e. if no one remotely cares, I probably won’t do much of it!

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  3. Guardian Books podcast: The future —€“ dystopia or utopia?

    Will our future be happy? Will we control our technology or will it control us? Writers Nick Harkaway and Simon Ings warn that we should not accept everything on offer. Ben Marcus’s new dystopian novel imagines what might happen if it all goes wrong.

    We’re in an age when technological fact is stranger than fiction – so why are so many novelists devoting themselves to exploring the frontiers of thought? Nick Harkaway explains why it’s the novelist’s job to imagine the future, and how "an act of taking the brakes off the imagination" could even help the world to make the right choices as we hurtle into the future. Simon Ings, editor of Arc, a new magazine devoted to imagining the future, explains the importance of speculative thinking and the sadness of the modern world.

    And Ben Marcus talks about the worst case scenario of his new novel, The Flame Alphabet, which imagines a dystopian future where adults are poisoned by the speech of their children, and in which words and writing, and even making signs, also become fatal.

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  4. ‘Hark!’: From DNA To JFK, A Comic Take On History : NPR

    Joe Kennedy lectures burping baby Ted on political ambition while teenagers Joe Jr. and John wrestle for the presidency. Cartoonist Kate Beaton irreverently recasts history and classic literature in her new book, Hark! A Vagrant.

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  5. Books and Authors

    Mariella Frostrup speaks to Nobel laureate Nadine Gordimer about her collected short fiction; author Tom Holland discusses the legacy of I, Claudius; writers Ian McMillan, Tessa Hadley and Andrew Martin explain the enduring allure of railways in fiction.

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  6. Ep 023: “Blogging For Authors” | Book Marketing Tools Blog

    Building an author platform is an important part of of a long-term book marketing plan. One of the ways that you can draw readers in and establish a platform is through consistent blogging about your topic if you’re nonfiction author, or about your writing and other books if you’re a fiction author.

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