How NOT to be a wine wanker

If you’ve ever felt overawed, or even irritated, by someone’s endless knowledge of wine then this night of mythbusting will help get your own back.

There’s no mistaking someone who loves to show off their wine knowledge. The vintage, the terroir, the way the winemaker parts their hair.

These ‘wine wankers’ will snuffle and snort and pontificate their way through social occasions and explain at cellar doors how the wine could have been made differently.

Miss Pearls knows only too well. She used to sell wine at cellar doors and come face to face with these ‘experts’.

Bar manager Miss Pearls and sommelier Dan Sims turn those pretensions on their head with a hugely successful dissertation and imbibing session called ‘How Not to Drink Wine Like a Wanker’ which has enjoyed a sold-out season on top of a building during the 20th Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

Participants, most of them women, learn how to taste and appreciate wine without boring others and get the chance to sample a range of reds, whites and champagne.

It all ends with Miss Pearls taking to a bottle of champers with a bayonet, in a glorious moment of French excess called sabrage!

On the way Dan and Miss Pearls debunk some old expectations of the vino, and explain there’s no stupid question when asking about what you’d like to drink.