‘Exploring J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit’: A Reminder To Tolkien Fans Of Their First Love : NPR

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  1. Book Talk: The Hobbit | Scottish Book Trust

    The final Book Talk podcast of 2012 features a timely discussion of J.R.R Tolkien’s worldwide bestselling favourite The Hobbit, coinciding with the release of the first in Peter Jackson’s series of big-budget film adaptations of the novel.

    Paul Gallagher is joined by Edd McCracken of Book Riot, Hollyrood High School librarian Rachel McCabe and two high school pupils, Juliette and Michael, to get into a wide-ranging discussion of the fantasy classic. With each of their Hobbit experiences being different - some having read it many times since childhood, some just reading it for the first time for this podcast - their reactions offer a great cross-section of opinions!


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  2. The Dork Forest: TDF EP 210 - Corey Olsen

    Corey Olsen (@TolkienProf) teaches in the English Department at Washington College (in Maryland). He has a podcast as The Tolkien Professor https://itunes.apple.com/podcast/the-tolkien-professor/id320513707?mt=2 and we talk about The Hobbit movies v the books. You’ll want it to go longer. Me too. We’ll do it again. 

    Happy NEW YEAR! Feel free to donate to The Dork Forest at www.jackiekashian.com or www.dorkforest.com. Order merch from my standup website, check my standup dates and feel free to order from Amazon through the banner there as well. I get a kickback.

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    All Things Comedy is the Podcast network I’m in and they’re great. Check it out. www.allthingscomedy.com

    NOTES:The Tolkien Professor - his podcast, his history and a picture of him in marching bandhttp://www.tolkienprofessor.com/wp/about

    MYTHGARD Institute! http://www.mythgard.org/

    CREDITS:Mike Ruekberg composed and sang the intro song!Patrick Brady fixes the Audio!Vilmos works on the website!


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  3. The Lord of the Rings Expert Answers Tolkien Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

    The Tolkien Professor, Cory Olsen, uses the power of Twitter to answer the internet’s burning questions about J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings, and all the associated lore. Does Sauron use any weapons? Do compasses exist in Middle-Earth? Is there a Tolkien book about the Goblin and Dwarf Great War? Cory answers all these questions and much more.

    Corey Olsen, also known as The Tolkien Professor, is the Founder and President of Signum University, a nonprofit higher education institution dedicated to affordable and accessible online learning with a special focus on promoting the humanities. Through the Mythgard Academy, a Signum institution, Corey offers weekly explorations of The Lord of the Rings and other opportunities to discuss speculative literature and adaptations. Follow Corey on Twitter at https://twitter.com/tolkienprof

    Learn more: * Signum University: https://signumuniversity.org * Exploring The Lord of the Rings: https://mythgard.org/lotro/exlotr/ * The Tolkien Professor: https://tolkienprofessor.com

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  4. Thrillers For A Winter’s Night : NPR

    It’s a good time to be holed up with the supercharged pages of some new thrillers. Here are four: Noir by Olivier Pauvert, Eclipse by Richard North Patterson, Daemon by Daniel Suarez, and Terminal Freeze by Lincoln Child.


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